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How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Attracted To You

Taking Some Time To Heal

There is no doubt about it, this is an extremely hard time for you and you will be very confused. That is why it is important to take some personal time to grieve and think clearly about what you are going to do next. If you want to get back your ex boyfriend then making him attracted to you again is a very good start.

It is only natural to feel dejected and pathetic after you have been dumped. It is good to take some time to wallow and feel sorry for yourself, this is a very important part of healing. The longer you let it go on however, will have a negative impact on your chances of winning him back and attracting him to you again. The longer you leave things the more likely he is to move on himself. Also, if he sees that you are depressed and not dealing with the break up, he will not find you attractive, the opposite is actually the case. You do not want him to take you back out of self pity, you have to make him want you back of his own accord.

Ok, so what you need to do now is get down to work and get to grips with the male psyche. It can be a very confusing place at times, but once you know how a man thinks you will be able to guess his next moves and figure out what he wants. This article will address certain things that you need to know to make him attracted to you again.

Low Self Esteem Can Be Very Unattractive To Men

If you are sitting comfortably we will begin with your self esteem. Your feelings of inadequacy and self loathing will be prominent at this time and this is completely normal. You must not allow them to take over however. It is good to cry and take your anger and frustrations out for a short while, but this kind of behaviour cannot persist as it will only do damage to yourself.

No matter how hard it is you must find your fighting spirit and show him that he is not your whole world. If you are to be successful in your attempts to get him back then you must dry your tears and show no self pity. I will let you into a little secret here. Men are attracted to women who they can respect. Think about this. He will not be able to respect you if he sees you crying over him or hiding away. You need to make him realise exactly what he is missing and regret his decision to break up with you.

Men Are Not Attracted To You When You Are Emotional

It is possible that you cannot get your tears under control and you should not be hard on yourself if this is the case. What you would then do in this situation is to disappear for a little while and not contact him. If you let him see how much the break up is affecting you then it is bad news for your future together. You want to use a little reverse psychology here and make him realise that he got you wrong. If you act in a way that he does not expect he will be questioning himself and his reasons for breaking up in the first place. If you feel the urge to text him or get in touch you should try to remember that this will slow down your plans to get him to want you back. He will respect you a lot more if he does not hear from you and be much more attracted to your mysteriousness. Yes I know, men work in very mysterious ways!

Think about it, you value something that is hard to get. So if you make yourself too available to him he will not think you are that valuable. Men like to chase, it is in their genetic makeup, so let them. You will notice a huge difference in the way that he treats you when you do this. It may be hard at first to keep yourself under control and bite your lip when you see him, but think about the end goal every time you feel weak.

If You Have No Confidence He Will Not Find You Attractive

Now, if you are to stand any chance of captivating him again and getting back his attention then you will have to alter your perceptions of yourself first and foremost. No man is going to be attracted to someone who has no confidence in herself. If you believe that you are worthless he will pay no attention to you either and you do not want this to happen. Of course this is easier said than done at a time when you are feeling so low and hopeless. You are probably thinking that he ended it because he did not find you attractive anymore and this is normal. What you must try to grasp is that his mind can be changes about you, but only if you change yours first. Believe in yourself and he will soon follow suit.

Understand Why He Broke Up With You In The First Place

Now, the next steps in your plan to get him attracted to you again is to work out why he lost interest in you. You will have to be brutally honest with yourself here no matter how hard it is to admit these things to yourself. You may have gained a lot of weight for example and he has lost his physical desire for you. It may seem shallow, but men tend to fall in love with their eyes first and can soon lose interest if you are not taking good care of yourself. Maybe he ended it for deeper reasons are you two were not getting on as well as you used to. This can be changed with a little effort and clever thinking. It is easy to get stuck in a rut in a relationship and let things slide. You need to discover your fun loving side again and make sure that he sees that change in you.

Get The Old You Back

If you feel that the fun went out of your relationship a long time ago this is something for you to work on. You can overdo it though and this will be frightfully obvious to him, so no swinging off the chandelier. Being too much fun indicates that you are trying too hard, so just be fun in an easy, breezy relaxed way and he will notice. Laughter is a great bonding experience and promotes the release of the feel good brain chemical serotonin, so your ex boyfriend will be able to reconnect and have a sense of well-being around you. This is key here. We are attracted to people who we feel good around and who make us feel positive about ourselves. So if you are feeling negative and depressed there is no way that he will want to be in a relationship with you, it will be too much for him to handle.

If you are still reading then you have all the determination that you need in order to win him back. Keep this in mind every time you get tired or distracted. Now what you will need to do is tick some things off your list and improve your situation. What was it that made him fall in love with you in the first place? You must still have it, so start practicing that walk he loved so much about you or learn to be funny again. When you discover these things about yourself you will begin to feel a whole lot better about the situation and realise that you are in possession of all of the tools that you need to transfix him again.

How To Act When You See Him Again

Ok, you may ask what do you do if you run into him unexpectedly after the break up. Here is how to approach this and make him highly attracted to you again. Nobody enjoys being in uncomfortable situations. And this meeting with your ex boyfriend is likely to be exactly that: awkward and uneasy (especially if you haven’t seen each other in a while). But despite this fact, it’s on you to take what could be an uncomfortable experience and turn it into a pleasant one. This is important because you want this to be the first of many more meetings‚ and the latter won’t follow if this ends up being a negative ordeal. So keep a lighthearted tone, crack some jokes, and make him smile. Make this a fun encounter and more will soon follow. You want to show him that you do not hold any grudges and this will make it easier for him to contact you again if he misses you as he knows that you will be open for a chat.

With the help of each of these hints you will have begun to automatically entice your man back to you, even so this really is only the beginning, there are several further strategies you will be needing to learn to get your man back!

Your Next Step – Get Him Back Forever

To make your ex boyfriend powerfully attracted to you it is time to learn more about the male psyche and what really attracts them to women. Getting inside his head after the break up is crucial if you want to turn things around and make him realise that you are the girl for him. Browning will teach you how to plug into your ex boyfriend’s psyche and turn around what he thinks about you.

A qualified psychologist, Brad Browning knows what he is talking about and will teach you the quickest ways to create attraction, desire and excitement again between you and your ex boyfriend. When you start using the techniques that he teaches you, your ex boyfriend will start chasing you again and make an effort to contact you. Watch the free video to find out more about the system and Matt Huston.

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7 Responses to “How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Attracted To You”

  • Maricel says:

    To answer the quioetsn, they don’t. Only the jerks do. This is just your sorry excuse for a boyfriend, yes. NEVER put up with behavior that you aren’t 100% OK with. If you settle, then you will end up unhappy. If you don’t ever settle for less than being treated marvelously, you will end up being treated marvelously. I’m not saying you should have insane standards, but you should certainly have a boyfriend who never lies to you, treats you well, thinks of you, is thoughtful, will never cheat, does sweet little things for you, etc. Believe me, it’s out there. You just won’t find it if you spend your time dating losers with something to hide.

  • Janine says:

    Gained so much hope when I’ve read this! Thank you for uplifting my spirit once again. I’ll try to keep mind everything, I don’t want to lose my man as much as possible. I hope we could overcome the “boredome” part of him to me since we are going on our 4thyr relationship and He already keeps on reminding me that he will marry me and be with him as soon as he graduate from school. Thank you so much!

  • Janine says:

    Plus being in a longdistance relationship is not a joke.

    • Muler says:

      Actually Im sorta in the same perdicament. Except I have had a beoirfynd for 2 years now after my ex. My ex also has had a gf since we broke up. Today I saw him at a redlight and he talked me. No I went into depressed mode and do not even want to see my beoirfynd tonight. I really want my ex back now. Dont know what to do

  • Vini says:

    I m in relationship from 1month and we made physical relationship too coz i trust him and he said me dat he will marry me he loves me so much, bt suddenly last night I called him and a call receive by a girl, she said who r u and y r u call my bf at this time, don’t call again nd all.. I was shocked. Don’t know what to do

  • Becky says:

    I have been dating a man for two years approximately three months ago I found out he has a girl now that was what he always called me his girl I now have seen pictures of her and him and he looks very happy with her him and I were equally if not more happy together we almost moved in together he is recently divorced and when we were going to move then I got cold feet we continued to be intimate and I even went through a miscarriage during the period he was dating this other girl we have fun together I know he’s attracted to me but he’s very alpha do I even try to get him back I do love him and I feel an attraction for him like I have for no other man

  • Becky says:

    Maybe a better question is how do I get out of sitting around his house and not going out in public and doing things and basically he gets everything he wants as I get nothing

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