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Does He Still Like Me? How To Find Out

After a break up it is very common to feel that your ex boyfriend does not like you anymore, especially if he was the one that broke up with you. This is a normal thing to worry about and every situation is different. He may have told you that he had fallen out of love with you, but this does not mean that he still doesn’t like you and respect you as a person.

Common Mistakes That Women Make

Most women take the wrong approach when they are trying to find out if he still likes them. They will usually end up asking their friends or prying for clues. This will ultimately make them look foolish and they can be very easily found out. Just think about how this looks to your ex. Never lose your self respect or he will have a negative view of you.

Another common thing that women do is to check their ex boyfriend’s facebook wall constantly, reading into every comment or post he makes. They are searching for any sort of clue at all and trying to over analyse the situation to give themselves hope. This will end up driving you crazy and confusing you even more.

In fact this is the worst thing that you could be doing if you want to find out if your ex boyfriend still likes you. The fact is that he is highly unlikely to post anything honest on there after the break up as the whole world is looking. He will be overcompensating and trying to suppress any residual feelings that he still has for you by being overly confident. He will be trying hard to protect his image and his male pride by pretending that everything is fine to the outside world and to you. He will also be trying to convince himself of this fact.

He Still Has Strong Bonds To You

When you have had a relationship with someone there are connections that are very difficult to break. The attachments that are formed are very strong and this is why you are feeling so low at the moment. Remember that it is not just you who is experiencing these feelings of loss. He will be too. Even if he has dumped you he will miss having you in his life and be wondering what you are doing. There will be a void within him too and this is what makes it possible for couples to get back together when they realise that they cannot live without each other.

With that being said, it would be useful to take a look at some of the signs that would indicate that your ex boyfriend misses you and is pining over you. You will know better where you stand with your future with him if you learn to examine the way that he talks, treats you or behaves after the break up. It is still possible to know how they feel if you have very little contact with them, it is all about learning to decipher the male psyche and read between the lines.

Sign 1 – He Asks To Remain Friends With You After The Break Up

You may think that this is a good compromise after you have broken up because you still get to keep him in your life at some level. You probably think that you can eventually get him back this way by showing him what he is missing. This is definitely not that case though. If you have already agreed to being friends with your ex boyfriend you should seriously reconsider. When you agree to remain friends it will actually drastically reduce your chances of getting him back. In fact he will be much less likely to want a serious relationship with you again because you have both slipped into a new friend zone and he will be comfortable with that.

The good news is that when your ex boyfriend wants to stay friends it shows that he is not over you. He secretly wants to keep a close eye on you and make sure that you don’t move on too quickly and start seeing someone else and forget about him. On the other hand, he still wants to be able to play the field and see if there is anyone else out there that he might prefer. This sounds incredibly callous and it is. It doesn’t mean that he is intentionally trying to hurt you though, it is just human nature to put your own needs first.

If he is the one who dumped you he innately knows that you are still hung up on him and will agree to a friendship out of desperation. He thinks that this is the perfect scenario for him as you are still there as a back up plan should he get lonely. Do not allow this to happen to you because you know that you deserve better than this. You do not want to be anyone’s second choice as this is no basis for a healthy relationship. He has to see that you are the best and only girl for him and he will not be able to do that when you are ‘friends’ with him.

It is not all doom and gloom though. It shows that he still has feelings for you and is trying to figure out if he made the right decision to break up with you. If those feelings weren’t there at all he wouldn’t care less about talking to you or having any kind of contact with you. Look out for him asking to remain friends with you and make the right decision.

Sign 2 – He Is Desperate To Tell You About His Single Life 

Watch out for when he starts talking a lot about his private or single life. He will be trying to test the waters to see if you open up and tell him anything about what you are doing. He wants to know if you have moved on or are interested in another guy. He will not want you to move on too quickly after the break up as it will dent his ego. After all, if he was the one that broke up with you he will feel that he is the one that should have moved on first.

Your ex boyfriend will be trying to drop hints here. When he doesn’t want you to move on and forget about him he will tell you that they haven’t moved on either. He is subtlety trying to tell you that he hasn’t started dating yet, so you shouldn’t be either. It is another way for him to feel secure in the fact that he could get you back whenever he wants because he knows that you are waiting around for him.

Look out for obvious signs that he is going out of his way to convey that he is still single. This could be through direct contact with you, facebook single status or telling your friends and family that he is not dating anyone. This is a strong sign that he is still not over you and is not ready to move on himself. The last thing he wants is for you to be dating again, so he will try to make you wait around for him and this is the best way for him to achieve this.

Sign 3 – He Stays In Contact With You

Ok, so this could be any kind of contact. Texting, facebook messages, emails, instant messages or phone calls are very good indicators that he is not taking the break up as well as you thought. When he has nothing to say, but is just asking how you are, or saying hello, he is trying to make a connection with you and misses you. Look out for this sign as it is the biggest indication that he misses you.

No matter what he says, anyone who has completely moved on from you and the relationship does not still try to get in touch with you. If he is trying to maintain the lines of communication then he still has got unresolved issues about the break up and is probably very confused. He is probably keeping tabs on you to see how you feel first so that he knows how to progress. It has also got a lot to do with security. He feels secure having you around and doesn’t want to let go of that just yet.

Also look out for what he says to you when he does get in touch. Is he flirting with you and trying to see if you will reciprocate? This is a vital clue that you must pay attention to as he will be trying to ascertain how you feel about him too. He will be pushing the boundaries to see if you are open to getting back together without explicitly asking you. He might let slip certain romantic pet names that he had for you too. This shows that his mind in still in the romantic zone and that he still has a great deal of affection for you.

Sign 4 – He Bumps Into You A Lot

If you suddenly notice that your ex boyfriend is bumping into you ‘accidentally’ then you are onto a winner here. He will be trying to see you or make up excuses to talk to you, and this would be a perfect opportunity. Look out for him turning up at your work or places that you used to go a lot. This is no coincidence! Also watch out for the way that he reacts when he sees you. He will be trying to act surprised but it will be obvious that he expected to see you all along. If he knows what time you are going to be somewhere he would avoid being anywhere near there wouldn’t he?

Common sense should tell you that his intentions were to see you and he is desperate to see how you are and have any type of communication with you. He could also be in places that you used to frequent because he is reminiscing about the good times that you shared together. If he cannot have any contact with you, going to these places and thinking about past memories is the only connection he has to your relationship.

Sign 5 – He Asks Friends About You

Sometimes guys are too embarrassed to contact you directly and decide to enquire about your well being through friends. It is easier for them as they do not have to deal with you directly. If your friends say that he has been asking after you then it is a sure sign that he is missing you. Key signs that he is interested in you and what you are doing are also things to watch for. Is he asking your friends what you are up to or if you are spending your new free time with them? If he wasn’t at all interested in you as girlfriend material why would he bother finding out what you are up to?

Look out for him trying to get close to one or any of your friends. He might try to strike up a kind of a friendship with them so he can casually keep an eye on what you are up to in conversation. It is also another way of him trying to maintain some part in your life. If he is friends with your friend then he has some kind of tenuous link to you and will find out what you are up to much more easily.

Sign 6 – He Looks At You

If you cannot avoid your ex boyfriend and you still have to see him a lot, look out for him taking sneaky or lingering looks at you. Trust your own intuition here, if you feel like his eyes are burning into you, they probably are. He misses you.

These are just a few of the signs he wants you back after a break up, there are so many more subtle things that you have to look out for. See our website for more advice on how to spot the signs, how to get him to miss you and tips on how to get your ex boyfriend back again!

What If He Isn’t Showing Any Of These Signs?

Just because you can’t see any signs it doesn’t mean that he has lost interest in you. He could be trying very hard to hide the way that he feels about you because he is trying to convince himself that he is ok and desperate to move on. He also has a lot of pride at stake here, if he is the one who broke up with you he will be going through a lot of frustration and confusion and be worried that he made a mistake. He will not want to appear wrong or weak, so he tries desperately to show the outside world that he made the right decision.

Another reason why you might not be able to see the signs is because you do not know what to look for how how to use emotional triggers to make him react in a way that shows his true feelings. There are certain things that you can do and say that will make him tell you how he really feels and catch him off guard. These psychological triggers are incredibly effective in knowing where you stand and how to handle winning him back. The system below shows you exactly what you need to do and say to find out how he really feels.

How To Get Him Back – Step By Step

Text Your Ex Back System

If you prefer to use text messages to get your ex back then this is the system for you. Developed and researched by relationship expert, Michael Fiore, it will teach you how to use text messages to ignite your ex boyfriend’s interest you and make him desire you again. This is even effective when he is completely ignoring you!

Learn what the best text messages to send are in different break up scenarios and what mistakes to avoid at all costs. Watch the free video where he will give you some surprising advice on winning back his attention and love here: Text Your Ex Back Video

Need More Help?

Scroll to the bottom of the page and leave a comment. I will do my best to get back to you with help and advice!

Sarah’s Story

My boyfriend broke up with me back in February 2010 and I was devastated. I thought that he was actually going to propose when he told me that we had to talk, so you can imagine the shock I had when he said that he didn’t see us going anywhere. As we had been talking about marriage and settling down for months, it didn’t make any sense.

Like a lot of other girls I was angry at him and demanded answers, but he couldn’t give me any and this hurt even more because I felt that he was making lame excuses to get rid of me. Three years together and he was treating me like this. I didn’t recognise him as the person I loved, it was like he had changed overnight.

I went into denial at the start and started calling him and chasing after him as if nothing had happened. I thought that I could make him see that he had made a huge mistake and he would take me back. This didn’t happen, he only became more and more distant and started ignoring me altogether. I was in such a mess and didn’t know where to turn.

My friends and family said that he would see sense eventually and that I should just try and get on with things in the meantime. Others told me to move on and find someone else. As if it was that easy, I had invested so much in him and we had planned a future together, I couldn’t just turn my feelings off like that.

This is when I started to look for advice online. I thought that there must be someone that had gone through the same kind of thing as me and could maybe give me some pointers. There were so many women in my position that I kind of felt a bit better about what had happened to me. Knowing that I was not on my own made me think that there was hope.

After a few days digging around and reading everything that I could get my hands on, I noticed that a lot of girls were mentioning the same guide: Ex Factor System. They were all talking about what this guide helped them do and how it actually got them results with their ex boyfriends. I was skeptical that some guide could get it right when I obviously couldn’t. I thought that there was nothing to lose at this stage though as everything I had done up until that point had gotten me nowhere, so I downloaded the entire system and started reading through it.

I soon realised that I was doing everything wrong and suddenly understood why Steven was not interested. It taught me a lot about the male psyche and why you have to act in a certain way if you want to get your ex boyfriend back. I still thought that it was too late for me though as I had made all of the mistakes that the system warned me against, and it was now 5 months after the break up.

I decided to put into practice just a couple of the techniques that Matt Huston recommended to see if they had any impact on Steven. Nothing much happened at first and I started getting down-hearted again, feeling like I had wasted even more time. After a few days though he started to take much more of an interest in me. Instead of me always texting him, he started to ask me how I was and began taking an interest in my life again. It was beginning to feel like it had been when we first started going out, him chasing me and wanting to know more.

The techniques that I learned do require a lot of willpower and you have to stick to them to see results, but it was incredible to see how fast and how well he responded to them. After a while he wanted to meet up with me again, just a casual coffee. But he was more like the Steven I knew before and there was no coldness there anymore. I was patient and let him do the chasing as I wanted him to be sure that he wanted this as much as me. There was no way I wanted to force him into anything as I learned that it would backfire later on down the road.

Needless to say, after a couple of meetings, Steven eventually admitted that he missed me and that he had made a mistake. We promised to take it slow and not rush back into things, but 3 months later we are now back together and planning our future again! I now understand him so much better and know when to give him his space. It is a weird thing to say, but I think that our relationship is much better than it was before.

I just wanted to let other girls out there know that there is still hope for you even if you have made so many mistakes with your ex boyfriend. I did and with the help of Ex Factor System, I managed to reverse this completely. 

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9 Responses to “Does He Still Like Me? How To Find Out”

  • Diane says:

    I have been searching and looking for a website that can help me get my ex back when I was the one who ended it. You see, I was going through a “post traumatic episode”. I broke up with my ex- a couple days before my dad’s birthday and the day my nephew was born. I was leaving for New York in January and would have been five hours away. I certainly didn’t think it would be responsible for me to watch my sister’s nephew after a break-up ( I am going to be a stay at home nanny/college student/ P/T work), so I ended things. I think he was bit relieved because we rushed into things a little. The relationship was only three months long but I had never been treated as well as the way he treated me. He was a really good guy and a good catch and I can’t seem to get past my regret. He just went off to Hopkins University, where I knew he would have found a not only pretty, but very intelligent woman to replace me. I know this shows lack of self-esteem, but sometimes I can be such a martyr that I rather a man spend his money on someone for the long haul then waste his time/money on me when I’d be leaving for New York. He said he didn’t handle long distance well, so I understood that to mean: He was going to end things with me eventually…It just sucks because I am my own worst enemy when it comes to love and I ruined what could have been a good thing. I didn’t even spend enough time with him to really know him or to get past the nervous feeling when I was around him. I always thought was better than me, but after all the stupid shit I did after the break-up, not so much trying to get him back, but just texting random shit, a good-bye poem, oh it just kept getting worse. It’s been two months and you think I would have gotten over him by now. But history repeats itself. I have that “what if” question floating around in my head. So short “story” short, I think I ruined things and the chance that we could ever be friends “again”, well slim to none, but if anyone has any ideas besides “stop all communication”, please let me know…I already know that communicating is a bad idea…sooo I guess what I am saying to any guys reading this is, Is there any hope left or has this ship sailed, far away?

  • confused says:

    Hi me and my ex broke up almost a year ago, but we worked together untill a few weeks ago. After the break up I made all the mistakes you talk about. And me and my ex didnt speak for almost a month or more. Due to the fact that we work together we decided to make peace for the sake of our working relationship, we were sort off in the friends zone from there, we attended the same work parties and we have mutual friends, so we would always end up at the same places, its during these events that I realized that he was looking at my every move, even my friend noticed it, I was afraid that I might want to see this only in my mind, because I still had feelings for him, but after my friend confirmed this out of her own I realized that he might still feel for me, as I feel for him. I kept our working relationship a bit cold, and he showed signs of chasing, but the moment I reacted to it after a while he pulled away again. The one day he was with me when another colleague of mine, started openly flirting with me, he kept his cool, and didnt say anything, a few days after that his whole attitude towards me changed, he started complimenting me openly infront of others and started flirting, I was so surprised by his actions that I was at a loss for words, it went very well from there, he was sweet, and protective, but we never spoke about a relaitionship or what happened, he just started pulling away again. I then had plans with him to attend a work related event, put he never pulled through, its then that I told him, I dont think he is worth my time and efforts anymore, and that I dont want any contact with him what so ever, I was hurting badly, and know that my emotions propably got the best of me. We never spoke after that for nearly a month, because he went on leave, during this time it was reported to me that before he left, he told my male colleagues that I dont want anything to do with any of them, the words I told him, was what he told them, I thought maybe it was to insure that I wont be going out with them while he is away on leave. After he returned from leave we had to work together closely for two weeks, he started making small talk, because I was still giving him a bit of a cold shoulder, I just answered yes or no or with little detail, but around others I was open and friendly laughing, I could see this was bothering him, as time went by, the air cleared up between us, and we started having fun working so closely together, we talked about the good times, and about our relationship, about what went wrong, and he even confessed that he still have feelings for me and still feels attracted, and that he never had a relationship since we broke up, we got really close, and he preferred wprking with me, and wanted to join me for far trips, he went to show me where he crew up and where he wants to build his nedw house…. It felt amazing. He told me that he will miss me, once I start my new job, still at the same company but not working together anymore, he tried spending as much time with me as possible before I left, at work. I have left now for two weeks and when we saw each other again, I caught him looking at me, and hanging around me, but not sayings anything we spoke on social network two days ago, and he said he misses me, but there is nothing we can do about it, I replied, why? There is always something you can do, if u want it enough. This is where the bomb exploded in my face…… he told me, that we should stick to the rules I made, (not being friends, only keep it work related.) He then told me that he wants things to be like it was before we made it complicated by entering a relationship, and he wants us to be friends, no strings attatched. So please give it to me straight, am I waisting my time, or is there a light at the end of this long dark tunnel?

  • zanele says:

    Hi I also experienced the thi…My ex boyfriend of 5yrs has dumped me then deleted me on BBM and unfriended me on facebook but did block me on watsapp.and he gave me lame excuses for doing its not your fault,its me I don’t know what I want,am confused,I think being together will make us destroy each other in future,we fight a lot(our relationship is a world war zone),etc..He told me manythng that I myslf was very shocked o4,I ended up confused.well I also done what the article says I shouldn’t do…but because of lack of knowledge I begged him to come back to me,cried,called,text him..But what coming to my surprise is the day after the break up..he texted me on watsapp,it was a goodmorning msg then I replied and ask him not 2 text me again…because I also hav 2 move on as he did,then his responce was SORRY I wad just checking up on u,am sorry a’ll respect U!,well after that text I felt so lonely and though he wanted to fix things,well I was wrong!and made maslf a fool..I texted him telling him how much I love him again!aggg I wasn’t thinking straight.he refused and said he can’t sorry!even if he kept rejecting me,I kept on texting him…I then ended up telling him that I accepted the break up,so I asked him to re-invite me on bbm ,but he refused saying that he does want to knwo what is going on in my life because we both use bbm more than the other networks,and said that he doesn’t want to hurt me with his display pictures and status and he doesn’t want to get hurt as well…so he said wil communicate with watsapp!I then said to him my watsapp has a problem nd I irregulary use facebook so the only way is to invite me on bbm:-(,but then he misunderstood my text and added me back on the next days I asked him y did he re-add me on f.b den he apologised saying that he’ll cancel the friend request…well guess what??he then cancelled the friend request 2 days after…den I went back to that stupidness Behavior of begging him to come back to me.his responce was sorry I cant ..den said he loved me to but the love is not enough,he said thati can’t force him 2 do want he doesn’t want to do..well my last text was But then I love U!hahaha then he never I stopped texting him ever again,its 2weeks I stopped contact,and I made it easier by deleting his numbers,even though I know them by heart,I can’t just let him make me look misirable..even though I still love him and WANT HIM BACK

    Well there’s a lot to tell u..a day of my break up I told his cousin that he had broke up with me…his cousin said that he told him he want to break up with me because he didn’t want to cheat to the new GF,well my heart ws bleeding very hard,I couldn’t even slp,eat etc..wen I asked him if he seeing some1 he said NOoooooo,I think he is just messing up with my feelings,he doesn’t want me to know that he does have a new GF…well today I went to the modeling auditions together with his cousin,then after the auditions we went to a franchase resturant to eat and catch up..suddely told me that He had told him that I Am to perfect for him and he doesn’t want to hurt me,So he wanted to break up with stil confused though…then there a new gf,then am to perfect for him…I don’t knw anymore ..Would I GET HIM back??I really love him

  • Rhea Gandhi says:

    Hi. My boyfriend and i have broken up a month ago due to long distance and stuoid daily fights and doubts that were there. But he still wants to be friends with me. He unblocked me from whatsapp and somwtimes messages me asking how i am going and what i ahve been upto. Is it normal to stay incontact with him. Im ttyong to pretend that m normal by going out with friends abd staying online. But i want him back. I ll be going yo his city for internship soon. Is there any chance if getting back with him?

  • Josie Sewell says:

    I my name is josie my husband have been married for 28 years but been separated for 5 years. Six months after we separated he moved in with another women but he was still coming to and we would sleep together. Well he stayed with her for 3years and left her.Well about 3 weeks ago i texted him why does he hates me he said he doesn’t hate me i said well then you dislike me he said no i dont dislike you .he must still love me. Do you think he will last with his knew gf? Two of our kids are grown on on their own my youngest is 14.this girlhe is seeing has a 6 year old son .My kids are pist because that little boy is spoiled rotten and they think he will care about that little boy then them and he has father.i want my husband back everyone told it would get easier as time goes on .But it seems i love him more now more than ever.i have looked for help online but they aways charge and att this point im so broke i cant see straight. Can this be fixed my marriage even if its going on six years of being separated. If so plz tell me how.
    thanks for your time

  • ayesha says:

    Please email me mine is different story about my ex and i want it to be secret please help me

  • Luna says:

    It has been 16 months since the break up, he jumped into a new relationship just after… The girl was working with him. I thought it was a rebound but they are still together! He is complimenting me saying I am radiant, special and that i have got the whole package!
    I know that I have made so many mistakes since tge breK up, texting, calling etc… Even met the girlfriend! It was absoluttely a disaster… I got quite the opposite effect. Rejected even further!
    He said he likes to talk to me & while his gf was away we spent 2 hiyrs over the phone, he also said he likes to hang out with our child and I, having pucnics or going to the park …. he wanted to be friends but i dont want to…i dont want the crumbles!
    I have read what i should do and i am trying to do minimal contact because we have got a child it is very hard though!!! Believe me… I am polite, i tryt o smile, i look my best and i notice he is looking at me during dropp off or pick up time. And he wishes ” have a great evening girls!”
    He has admitted two weeks ago that he has still feelings and he cares about me. He thinks it is because we have spent 10 years together and i am his daughters mother… He admitted as well he doesnt have those feelings fir his sons mother.
    It is quite complex and i am swinging from hope to safness.
    He also added recently keep faith and trust your feelings!

  • Melissa Taylor says:

    My exbf will not tell me if got a woman but we go to the hotels and the last time was Thursday nite n got into an argument Saturday he told me to grow up I’m pushing him away and txt me to stay the F out of life and he blocked me and I haven’t heard from him since Saturday but I found out he got a girl friend and they ben messing around since Jan 4 2016 but me and my ex ben meeting up having sex what do I do

  • Melissa Taylor says:

    My exbf told me to move on I’m so hurt I can’t accept this and I told him and he ask me why and I said I’m still in love him but he called all nite til 1030pm Wednesday
    What to do I dnt know
    Please help me

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