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Ex Is Dating A New Girl – Learn How To Steal Him Back From Her

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Learning that your ex boyfriend is in a new relationship is a challenging time for any girl. All these negative thoughts go running through your head and you are left at a loss as to why he has moved on so quickly. You will be feeling dejected and at a low ebb after a break up, this can be made all the worse when your ex boyfriend has found himself a new girlfriend and seems to be in love with her.

Of course you want to know if he loves her and if he has any feelings at all left for you. This is only natural. It can largely depend on when you broke up with him. Everyone moves on at different stages and this is why it can be confusing for you if you are still heartbroken.

You may have seen him with his new girlfriend and noticed how happy they are. Do not worry yet, the honeymoon phase is magical for any couple, but this does not mean that it will last. If your ex boyfriend has jumped into a new relationship soon after your break up, you can bet your life that he is doing it to either forget about you or prove something to himself. His heart may not be in it at all and the relationship could fall apart just as quickly as it started.

Rebound relationships typically do not last more than the eight week period. It usually takes this amount of time for your ex boyfriend to realise that she is not the girl for him and that he has tried to move on too quickly. Dating again can be a good distraction from having to deal with your real feelings, especially for boys. It is very common for men to seek solace in another girl and pretend that everything is alright.

I hope now that you realise that you have every chance of winning back his love when you see that the foundations of his new relationship are very precarious. If you sit tight and have some patience he will probably be coming back to you sooner than you think, and the best part of it is that you do not have to any work at all, only control yourself.

This is important for you as it will mean the difference between winning him back and losing him forever. You must control your anger and jealousy when you find out about his new relationship. The last thing that you want to do is make him think that you are a pety and childish girl.

Obviously it is not always as easy as this and it can be difficult for you to wait it out. There are more things that you can do to speed up the whole process of attracting him back and making him realise that he made a mistake in getting into a new relationship. It is all about understanding the male psyche and what way they react to certain things. Learn all about them before it is too late.

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2 Responses to “Ex Is Dating A New Girl – Learn How To Steal Him Back From Her”

  • Elenya says:

    Hey! I’m Elenya, My ex is a german guy who broke up with me last month. We had a long distance relationship for 5years. Well he said he has enough cuz ive been talking to other guys so he thought he gave me chances i betrayed his trust… he said hes tired of this long distance, doesnt love me anymore n dont wanna gimme chance to hurt him…(ive to finish my study here first so i can go to Germany for study) at the beginning he mentioned if i can go there faster his wound would heal faster… but still he chose broke up with me.
    Anyway i think the main reason is my bad temper that i got pissed at him really fast n made fights out of nothing. n also he became more sensitive n over-bearing, thinks all the betary start with chatting
    We have been contacting after the break up since he said we can still contact like friends but not so often..we had skype once recently seems like hes not really over me… but ik it not gonna work if we still contact each other.. After i watched all ur videos im going to try the no-contact rule. But idk if its gonna work. i tried really hard not to think about it, but this five-year relationship wasnt easy n im going there soon idk y he gave up at this moment.
    Now that i realized those mistakes ive made, i really wanna get him back n start over. i just dunno what else could i do…(PS. I probably go to Germany for study in five months he knows ill go to his city )
    Plz teach me how to get him back, its too late that i finally realize that i love him… Thx for ur helping!

  • Debra says:

    What if you are the rebound girl and you want him back? I know the odds are not in my favor but I have been in so much pain since he left me to go back to his old girlfriend. We were only together two months and things happened quickly but this guy opened up to me like no other guy. He told me very, very personal things about his life (not about this particular ex girlfriend but to only say they broke up because they fight all the time) and acted like he wanted a relationship. He called me one day to tell me he slept with is ex and I asked him what he wanted and he said he wasn’t sure. I just cried and hung up. He texted me how terribly sorry he was and that I am wonderful and he is a mixed up son of a…..b…, and that he is not worth my tears…..after a few weeks I texted him and he immediately texted me back again apolgozing and saying that “I know you hate me”….but I decided to do the no contact rule and now it is almost six weeks and I don’t what next step to take. We don’t run in the same circles and it is not likely I would run into him. I know he is back with his ex and I know this probably is hopeless but I would love any advice from someone to tell me one if there is a chance to get him back and two what action can I take to do this?

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