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Signs Ex Boyfriend Still Loves You

Signs Ex Boyfriend Still Loves You

– What To Look Out For

If you find yourself in the frustrating position of trying to fix a broken relationship with an ex, before you do anything else you should try to figure out if there’s a good reason to continue.

Letting go can be extremely hard, but it’s harder still to put a lot of effort into something that’s doomed to fail. If your ex is not displaying any tell-tale signs that they’re interested in getting back together, your efforts may all be in vain.

You try to find hidden meaning in everything he does or says, but you could just be projecting your wishes onto his behavior. Don’t take something here and run with it – just because one indicator may be present doesn’t mean he’s definitely up for reconnecting. You want to ensure that you’ve correctly followed the step by step direction that can be found in the Get Him Back Forever System.

Women’s Common Mistakes

It’s easy to go about this the wrong way. Most women’s first instinct to finding out the true feelings of their ex-boyfriend is to go running to his friends for information or by asking him leading questions to see if they can dig up anything useful. None of these efforts are under the radar and they’re very easily discovered – all they do is make you look silly in the process. Would you respect someone that was going around behind your back? Chances are you would feel the same way your ex probably does if you’re doing that to him.

Facebook obsession is a growing trend among women in the social media age. They try to interpret every status message, every posted picture and every event that he attends to find a missing piece of the puzzle. They are looking for hope by diving into any possible thread that they can use to their advantage to save their relationship. All this does is make you feel insane and will probably lead to a lot of mixed feelings, frustration and even more confusion.

These two things are the worst possible choices if you really want to find out if your ex still has feelings for you. All eyes are on him, and he’s probably feeling very self-conscious about every post he makes. He wants to appear tough and in control – even if the split is killing him inside. He’ll put on a brave face and act strong. He’ll never truly allow his feelings to come out where everyone is watching. The male ego is a powerful, driving force and he’s not about to let the breakup come in the way of his pride. He wants everyone to believe that things are great. The trick is that he wants himself to believe it too, even though he knows it’s not true.

The Bonds Are Still Strong Between You

The bonds formed in a romantic relationship are difficult to overcome, and they aren’t simply severed overnight. These bonds are the reason for all the sadness after the breakup happened, and they’re the reason he’s still in your thoughts now. He’s feeling the same way you are. He is spending his time missing you – even if he’s the one who chose to end the relationship in the first place. His mind will naturally turn to you, and he’ll be curious about you. Couples who have parted ways often come to terms with the idea that they don’t want to continue alone – that’s why so many people get back together with an ex.

Even though all of that may be true, you still need to read the signs carefully to see if he’s missing you. Look at the way he communicates with you. How does he treat you? What is his body language telling you? Not taking everything at face value and looking deeper is a vital part of trying to decipher the male psyche and can give you a huge advantage in successfully getting back together. This plays a big part in how to make your ex boyfriend want you back.

He’s Maintaining Contact

If he’s convinced that staying in touch is a good idea, you can bet that he’s still interested in you. This could mean anything from emails to texts or random Facebook messages – staying in contact isn’t reserved just for the phone anymore. If he’s always trying to check on you and make sure that you’re doing okay, he’s making sweeping gestures to keep the door of possibility open and may be more inclined to reconciling.

If he’s trying to find excuses to see you or to spend time together, that’s an even bigger sign. As thrilled as it may make you feel, you still need to take some time apart immediately after breaking up. Once enough time has passed for both of you to cool down and get control of your emotions, trying to arrange get-togethers is a vital clue that he’s still interested.

If your ex-boyfriend is already dating, he’s more than likely ceased all contact with you completely. You should be anticipating this silent treatment and know that it probably won’t last. He’s trying to act in his own best interest and take steps to protect his new fling. This is even more likely if he has the suspicion that you’re still interested. If he’s still keeping the conversation with you open, he hasn’t been finding things that he’s looking for in any other potential partner. This could make the process of winning him back even quicker. While keeping in contact can be both positive and negative, if he’s the one that’s making the first effort, it’s almost always a positive thing.

He’s Suddenly Opening Up

You remember when you were together and you could barely get him to spill any information about his life before he ran into you? It was like pulling teeth to get him to divulge anything about his past or his history. Now he’s suddenly a fount of information and he can’t seem to wait to get it off of his chest. This is a huge sign that can be a definite clue that things can turn themselves around. Don’t expect this abrupt change of heart immediately after a breakup, but he may start to open up over time. He most likely is looking for assurance from you that he’s really okay and that the choices that he’s making are valid. He wants to know that he still has your support. Men like to leave the door of possibility ajar – this simple reality can be used to your advantage.

If he’s already appeared to move on and is already involved in a new relationship when he decides to spill his guts, this can be an even bigger indication that things are about to turn around. He’s valuing your repertoire and your bond. He’s trusting that you’ll keep his confidence. Re-establishing trust that was damaged during the breakup is a vital part to creating a more successful relationship going forward. It may be harder to win him back if he’s already with someone new, but it isn’t impossible.

He Brings Up The Past

An ex who still waxes poetic about your past memories isn’t ready to put the relationship behind them. He’s still thinking about the two of you together even though you’ve broken up. He’s probably facing a great deal of confusion and is unsure of which direction to turn. He is starting to wonder if the breakup was a good idea – or if he made a horrible mistake. He’s looking to see how you’re going to react to these memories and statements or if you’re going to share his sentiments.

He’ll start telling stories of past dates or mishaps that the two of you experienced. He may bring up places where the two of you used to frequent by telling you that he’s recently been. He’s reminding himself of the positive aspects of your relationship even though it ultimately fell apart. Once a breakup is complete, it’s easy to let go of all the negative aspects and focus on what originally made you happy together.

This could easily be your shining, golden opportunity. Every step you take should keep the same goal in the forefront of your mind – getting him to want you again and want to rekindle your relationship. He’s giving you everything you need to make that goal a reality. Feed into his memories. Remind him of other times that he may have forgotten. Offer up some encouragement. Share a laugh with him.

Unexpected Signs of Affection

If he’s suddenly being physically affectionate towards you, make sure that you check his motives. It’s easy for a man to show physically how they feel, especially when you’ve spent a lot of time together. Your ex probably misses all the physical aspects of your relationship, but they’re not limited to sex. He also misses the feeling of holding your hand, holding you at night or sharing a kiss.

More than physical affection, you should look for any signs of an emotional connection. Actions speak louder than words, so don’t just listen to what he has to say – examine how he’s behaving as well.

Women have an uncanny knack for knowing when a guy is just after a hook up – and you’ll know if he’s looking for something deeper as well. There are vast differences between the two and you need to look at the situation honestly, despite your hopes. You know you want the chance to have this man in your life again but you don’t want to do something that you could end up regretting either.

Take a few steps back and examine the relationship as a whole before you rush to judgment. Don’t let what you WISH was true become your reality only to be disappointed afterwards when it turns out that you were mistaken. Is a committed relationship really on his mind? Is he just interested in a little intimate moment because he misses the connection? You have to be able to tell the difference and make an informed decision based on the reality – not on what you wish the answer is.

Getting your ex back involves certain steps that should be handled in a certain order. This process is laid out easily in a step-by-step guide complete with a video that can guide you easily through this difficult process in Get Him Back Forever System.

He Wants You to Hang Out With the Guys

Spending time with you alone has been great, but if your ex starts inviting you to events in public with his circle of friends, he’s ready to show you off. This is a huge step for him to make and can be one of the final signs before you two are on the road to a brand new relationship. His friends will want to know why he’s hanging out with his ex, and he’s probably already answered them. He could see this as an opportunity to test the waters and may even consider you his “unofficial” girlfriend.

Make sure to show appreciation and affection to him if the night leads to a more romantic climate. Don’t get into any deep conversations, though – that’s better handled when you can find some time to be alone. Discussing the issues that caused the breakup to happen is vital to establishing a successful relationship now. They won’t just disappear once you get back together. Avoid questioning him or teasing in front of his friends – you’ll only put him on edge and make his friends uncomfortable.

He’s Always Asking to See You

If he’s constantly trying to spend time with you, it’s obvious that he’s seriously missing your company. He’s still thinking about you a lot and if he’s willing to spend time with you in public, he’s probably not trying to hide you from the watchful eyes of a new fling.

If he wants to see you face to face, it can mean one of two possibilities. It could mean that he’s interested in a one-night-stand, or only looking to rekindle your physical relationship. He wants the sex without the commitment. If you’re looking to get him back in a relationship, this is not the way to accomplish it.

The second reason is that he’s genuinely starting to question the breakup as a whole. He is already in the process of doing what you want to accomplish – re-examining the reasons he broke up with you and possibly changing his mind. This is a positive sign! Simply play things cool and let him figure things out at his own pace.

This step can be confusing to a lot of women. Seeing their ex-boyfriend in a new, friend-type role is not the way they’re accustomed to spending time with him and breaking all those old patterns can be hard. You don’t want to be stuffed into the “friend zone” unwillingly, but guys don’t usually pull out the “friend zone” card. They either want to know they have the option of getting back together eventually, or they’re interested in you romantically now. He probably has enough friends to hang out with that he doesn’t see in a romantic light.

There Are Sudden Compliments From Him

While you may have started on this journey alone, getting back together requires a real decision on both sides. You can probably tell if he’s starting to come around if his behavior towards you has done a quick 180. If he’s suddenly opening doors for you again or paying you compliments every time you turn around, it’s a sure sign that he wants you back. He’s beginning the courting process all over again – just like he did when you first started dating.

Simply take this with gratitude and calm acceptance. He’s probably feeling awkward and looking for a way to reconcile that awkwardness with his growing feelings of affection. Pay him a compliment in return and try to ease his discomfort by allowing him to pamper you. Some of this extra attention may feel nice.

Questioning You about Your Dating Status

If your ex is starting to ask you questions about your love life, you are almost at the finish line to get him back. Guys will only ask this question if they’re trying to accurately assess their chances of dating you. While it may not happen overnight, he’s curious about the potential for a reason. He absolutely does not want to have to watch you date someone else.

If your ex has any feelings of jealousy at all, they’ll be pretty obvious. He may try to hide them from you, but it won’t work. Don’t make up stories about any potential dates or try to turn a situation into something it’s not. Just be honest. Lying to him to spare his feelings will do nothing but break any trust that you still have. Trust is the foundation that successful relationships are built on, and they cannot be based on a lie.

What If He Isn’t Displaying Any Of These Signs?

If the above signs are not glaringly obvious around your ex like a neon movie sign, not all hope is lost. It is time for you to take action to change the way he sees you and to make him interested in a relationship. Waiting may seem like a good idea, but it can often hinder your chances.

You need to repair your broken relationship now, while there are still steps you can take to making that a reality. A step-by-step guide is great, but it can be used in combination with other tricks that aren’t as widely known. All of these tools can be at your disposal to ensure you the best chances for success.

Get Him Back Forever System

You need to find a way to bring your ex’s emotions back to the surface. This isn’t as hard as you may think. The internet’s popular relationship repair guide can easily lead you through these tips to make your ex unbury all these hidden feelings and want you back again. It’s instantly downloadable, the Ex Factor Guide can have you on the road to reconciliation in no time at all.

Creator, Matt Huston will take you through every aspect of break ups, from cheating to forgiveness, explain the male psyche from a guy’s perspective, and give you the tools necessary to make your reconciliation an inevitability rather than a faint possibility.

Go through the modules in depth and start using the strategies today in order to get your ex boyfriend’s attitude to change towards you, make him want you and see you as a potential girlfriend again. 



Sarah’s Story

My boyfriend broke up with me back in February 2010 and I was devastated. I thought that he was actually going to propose when he told me that we had to talk, so you can imagine the shock I had when he said that he didn’t see us going anywhere. As we had been talking about marriage and settling down for months, it didn’t make any sense.

Like a lot of other girls I was angry at him and demanded answers, but he couldn’t give me any and this hurt even more because I felt that he was making lame excuses to get rid of me. Three years together and he was treating me like this. I didn’t recognise him as the person I loved, it was like he had changed overnight.

I went into denial at the start and started calling him and chasing after him as if nothing had happened. I thought that I could make him see that he had made a huge mistake and he would take me back. This didn’t happen, he only became more and more distant and started ignoring me altogether. I was in such a mess and didn’t know where to turn.

My friends and family said that he would see sense eventually and that I should just try and get on with things in the meantime. Others told me to move on and find someone else. As if it was that easy, I had invested so much in him and we had planned a future together, I couldn’t just turn my feelings off like that.

This is when I started to look for advice online. I thought that there must be someone that had gone through the same kind of thing as me and could maybe give me some pointers. There were so many women in my position that I kind of felt a bit better about what had happened to me. Knowing that I was not on my own made me think that there was hope.

After a few days digging around and reading everything that I could get my hands on, I noticed that a lot of girls were mentioning the same guide: Ex Factor System. They were all talking about what this guide helped them do and how it actually got them results with their ex boyfriends. I was skeptical that some guide could get it right when I obviously couldn’t. I thought that there was nothing to lose at this stage though as everything I had done up until that point had gotten me nowhere, so I downloaded the entire system and started reading through it.

I soon realised that I was doing everything wrong and suddenly understood why Steven was not interested. It taught me a lot about the male psyche and why you have to act in a certain way if you want to get your ex boyfriend back. I still thought that it was too late for me though as I had made all of the mistakes that the system warned me against, and it was now 5 months after the break up.

I decided to put into practice just a couple of the techniques that Matt Huston recommended to see if they had any impact on Steven. Nothing much happened at first and I started getting down-hearted again, feeling like I had wasted even more time. After a few days though he started to take much more of an interest in me. Instead of me always texting him, he started to ask me how I was and began taking an interest in my life again. It was beginning to feel like it had been when we first started going out, him chasing me and wanting to know more.

The techniques that I learned do require a lot of willpower and you have to stick to them to see results, but it was incredible to see how fast and how well he responded to them. After a while he wanted to meet up with me again, just a casual coffee. But he was more like the Steven I knew before and there was no coldness there anymore. I was patient and let him do the chasing as I wanted him to be sure that he wanted this as much as me. There was no way I wanted to force him into anything as I learned that it would backfire later on down the road.

Needless to say, after a couple of meetings, Steven eventually admitted that he missed me and that he had made a mistake. We promised to take it slow and not rush back into things, but 3 months later we are now back together and planning our future again! I now understand him so much better and know when to give him his space. It is a weird thing to say, but I think that our relationship is much better than it was before.

I just wanted to let other girls out there know that there is still hope for you even if you have made so many mistakes with your ex boyfriend. I did and with the help of the Ex Factor System, I managed to reverse this completely. 

Need More Help?

Leave a comment below and I will do my best to get back to you with help and advice. 

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32 Responses to “Signs Ex Boyfriend Still Loves You”

  • lisa says:

    My situation is hopeless . We had a great relationship like best friends . I am sure he is my soul mate I love him dearly as a result I acted like a bunny boiler wanted to get married and have kids . I brought up this subject with him after only 3 months!!! We sat down made plans about the future then he asked me to forget about it for a few months and just have fun . I agreed but then kept bringing it up all the time . He has a child from a previous relationship and eventually 5 weeks ago told me he cant see himself being able to introduce his child to a girlfriend or kids . He broke up with me and said the reason was that he just wants his child doesn’t want anything else in his life .

    • Charlotte Jane says:

      Hi Lisa,

      I think that you have already hit the nail on the head. Being a bunny boiler really terrifies men and makes them distant and eager to get away. The fact that he wanted to delay the talks for a few months and ‘just have fun’ suggests that all this talk about the future was starting to scare him and he was looking for an escape route. Girls like to talk about the future and they tend to have it mapped out long before guys. That is why it is a good idea to hold back on talks about the future in the early days of your relationship.

      I don’t think that he was telling you the truth about why he wanted to break up, it doesn’t seem authentic to me. A guy will make room for the woman that he loves, no matter what. People never usually tell you the real reasons why they want to breakup, they will come up with lame excuses to extricate themselves from the relationship as painlessly as possible.

      Your behaviour now is crucial if you are hoping to get him back. You may want to text and call him all of the time, but that will just scare him and reinforce this picture of a bunny boiler in his head. The trick here is to make him see you differently and make him question whether he made the right decision to break up with you. You want him to think of you as happy go lucky, laid back and fun. Therefore, acting hurt or angry with the breakup is not a good idea. Accept the situation as it is now. Over time he will start to see you in a more positive light if you don’t question him too much or look desperate.

      I hope that this helped Lisa. It will take time to reverse how he sees you, so be patient. Good luck!

      • Mehmet says:

        that But I’m afraid that if I do it won’t end up too good with me and my boryeifnd . That’s a big red flag. If you feel that by you telling your boryeifnd about his best friend hitting on you is going to jeopardize you and his relationship then it doesn’t seem as solid and as good as you’ve made it out to be. SO my first word of advice is to tell your boryeifnd what is going on. If he seems to turn it all on you and make it out to be your fault then you need to dump him and dump him FAST before he decides to dump you. If your bf remains with you without any problems and his friend continues to do this then you need to be very firm with him and let him know (b/c idk how firm you were the 1st time w/ him) that he HAS to stop. And that you are not one of those girls that puts up with being disrespected! If in the scenario where everything is still fine with you and your bf after you tell him then he needs to step up and put a stop to his friend who’s to put it plainly is sexually harassing you.

  • linda rossouw says:

    Oky I’ve got this thing my ex still talks to me on bbm and asked me lots of things but he says he does not want me back but 3 sundays ago he was sleeping by me and my friends house and he asked me for you think he still loves me and wants me back?

    • Charlotte Jane says:

      Hi Linda,

      This is a tricky one. He is blowing hot and cold with you and doesn’t really know what he wants at this point. He is unsure if he wants a proper relationship with you, so he is trying to keep you close and waiting in the wings until he decides what he wants to do. This is not fair on you as it makes you more and more confused and hurt.

      The very fact that he is still talking to you and asking you for sex means that he is interested on some level otherwise, why would he bother? He could still have feelings for you but doesn’t want a real commitment. I am concerned that he asked you for sex though. This is a big sign that he is trying to use you. He wants the perks of a relationship without having any of the commitment. This shows that he is not serious or maybe doesn’t respect you.

      There are a few ways to turn this around though. Right now you are giving him what he wants by engaging in conversations with him. Maybe he likes flirting and knowing that you still like him. If he is bored or wants a bit of fun he will contact you. You don’t want to be his play thing. You want to be taken seriously. The only way that you can do this is by standing up for yourself and cutting contact with him for a while. Once he knows that he can’t just snap his fingers and you will come running, he will be more likely to sit up and take notice of you and reflect on how he has treated you.

      No contact with him will also make him wonder where you are and what has happened. You will become more attractive to him and this will simultaneously increase his desire for you. It will be hard to stop talking to him but treat it like an experiment and see what results you get from it. I think you will be surprised how effective it is and how his treatment of you changes.

      All the best with it!

  • Elizabeth says:

    hey, i was with my bf for three weeks. we mesaged a decent amount. last friday we were cuddling and he said,”i wish we could cuddle for the rest of our life.” the next day he told me that im obsessed and he needs a brake. i just dont get it.. i have tryed messaging him i think i made myself seem desperate. i messaged him saying “hey look, im really sorry for bugging you. it wont ever happen again. all i want it one more chance. please think about this chance.” i think that was a bad thing to say. hes telling his friends that hes not interseted in me. i want him back. please tell me if you think this will work.

  • Lilly says:

    Hi!my name is Lilly. Me & my ex bf have been together for 3 years. We had a complicated but good relationship. In the beginning of our relationship i made a mistake of going to an ex house. No i didnt do anything sexual but yes he did try to rape me. My ex believes it was more because i didnt allow him to do anything.. why did i go? Because me and my ex wasnt talking and thought we was broken up. But he decided to forgive me.. after the break up i found out he cheated back with his ex gf. I wrote a list down of things i did wrong in the relationship & why he probably leave and i came up with alot. I didnt realize what i was doing but im willing to make it better as long as i know theres a good chance i can get him back for good. We both made mistakes but why couldnt he just be honest? :'( my heart is completely broken and nothing will fix it unless hes back with me but as long as he loves her more, im terrified it may never happen.. its a lot more to this situation. He left me for another girl a week ago. Already, he says he loves her more then me but he just met her. He still keeps in contact with me telling me he still loves me, misses me, still think about me, still dream of us being together, he says he misses the great sex we used to have, etc. I wrote down things i did wrong in the relationship. And it wasnt good but how can he tell me all these things & still be with her? I miss him terribly. Hes all i want to be with & i miss that connection we had. But how can i get him back when he already loves her? I feel like if i try im going to fail but i dont want to give up the only chance of getting him back. But im also afraid it may not work & im just going to get heart broken again. I feel in my heart i should wait & give him space for a few to see if he comes back. But if he really loves her already how am i gonna get him back? Im working on things now but what if it doesnt work? Im afraid hes gone forever and i miss him so much. Hes all i wanna talk to and be around with but i cant. He still keeps in contact with me asking me how im doing, he came to see me maybe 3 times since the break up to talk. He still have pictures of me on his facebook, phone & email. He even still have my name as his password to some of his accounts. He told me he wants space, that he needs a break & he wants to explore. He even said there might be a chance we are gonna be together again. With this being said what am i suppose to do? Do i still have a good chance even if he loves her? He said he did this because he was upset but hes still with her.. Please help!! I need to know before its to late. It may be already but please help!! Im willing to forgive him and move past it.. what to do?

  • carol g says:

    Before I spend the money I have doubts of this will work for me. We dated for 5 months and he broke it off saying he just wasn’t falling in love with me but wasn’t sure why. Over the next few months be kept in contact mainly via text with a few calls. He was working out of state and was texting daily. He even bought me small gifts that all had special meaning to me. Be started saying nice things and at times mentioned fun times from our past. There was also quite a bit of sexting going on too. He came home and wanted to see me. We went out a few times and still texted or called daily. He seemed interested at times and pulled back at others. I knew I had to ask him if he was in this just for sex. I asked him and told him I can’t do the friends with benefits thing. (I still care for him and knew that would be too hard and that I respect myself too much to put myself in that situation). He said he likes spending time with me, enjoys our conversations and texting and has fun with me but doesnt love me and that all the gifts were strictly from a friend to a friend no strings attached or to lead to sex or win my favor. That is very confusing to me as he put a lot of time, thought and energy into these gifts, especially my Christmas gift. If he says he doesn’t love me and just wants to be friends I suppose I need to accept that at face value. He just didn’t fall in love with me for whatever reason. I have to believe him though it is painfully hard. Any advice you can offer would be helpful.

  • Nhi Le says:

    What if me andhim in a long distance relationship, what will be the sign, and especially he a gamer he play online game a lot, will i have any chance to win him back, have you ever see a case like this???

  • Susan Purcell says:

    I’ve read Matt Huston’s work. My question is this, I know we still are attracted to each other, but how do you change that into DESIRE? We have been broken up for three years and he still calls about once or every other week, but it is always the same, no follow through on seeing each other. It’s not like we are in our 20’s, we are in our 50’s. It seems to me we both still have feelings for each other,but the fear of going through that again is scary I don’t know how to spark that desire in him again, but for whatever reason I am reaching out to this for some answers. Before you say I need to buy this product, I did a couple of years ago.

  • Jean r. Rayullan says:

    My boyfriend broke up with me after 4 years. During that time He will be with me every single day and said i was his best friend. Nevertheless when i asked, he said he was not in love with me that he had nothing to complain about me but left with no explanation except that he believes he is incapable of falling in love. The only things he complained while we dated was that i was too understanding and should be more feisty . As background information he has been married 3 times and is a widow of the last two and have kids from all three. Since our breakup I hate talking to him over the phone because he talks as we were great friends but then he is always avoiding my presence(i have seen him hide from me) . Hence he makes sure i know he is having a great time and to know how happy he is with the new girlfriends. The first girlfriend said he always talked that he had the perfect woman but could never explain why he left me. Now he has another girlfriend he is more steady with and acts in from of my best friend as he is very happy. Its been a year already and he recently wrote me a message indicating he wants to be my friend in the future and that the person who he knew did not need to change a thing. Can someone give me some light as to this bizzare behavior i definitely do not understand it!!

  • nitya says:

    My question:me n my ex was together for a month…suddenly one he break up eit me coz hin fun like me.coz im a SLE patient.I noted to him about my sick before couple. And he said its ok no prob.n now no more together.

  • Anne says:


    Thank you so much for this blog. I indeed can use some advice.
    In was dating s guy, who had troubles to open up to me. But he was really progressing and was by him self surprised about our dating. He was a bit insecure, never had long relationships and was very jealous.
    Im a confident, high educated woman who is soft hearted.

    After a perfect date, he was completely open, and told me that we made love, he admitted to have feelings but he also admitted to have problems to open up. I told him that i saw the progression and wanted to continue dating.
    2 day laters he broke up.

    He says he has feelings for me in a special friendship kind of way.
    He desperately wants to stay friends and also shows allmost all signs from above. But i told him i wanted more and not wanting to be friends. Things got into an argument.
    No he is still very defensive and told me that there is noting left of feelings, that he is what he is: not possible to open up.

    But he still wants to see me twice a week as friends. He makes plans for seeing me!
    I am going to meet with him. Do you think by being myself and he showing his jealousy towards other guys it is a chance to get him to open up or will i be put in the friendzone?

  • dee says:

    I had issues with my ex boyfriend, cheated on him, and got pregnant with another guy. He did not want anything to do with me, that i did understand, the fact that he even thought the baby was his. Neither did i know the baby i was carrying wasnt his. I gave him time for like 3months to get over the disappointment. We recently started talking again, and now he even asks me about the baby plus her daddy. And also asks me about my life and family. Is there any possibility of getting him back?
    I noticed some things included above, i have been trying to do. I really want us to get back with him. I havent put him under any pressure and i know he still has feelings for me and he also loves children. How can i get him back, to love us both?

  • shavontae says:

    My ex broke up with me he told me he been seeing someone 4 2 months and they are moving in together do i have a chance getting him back

  • Courtney says:

    I got dumped by my boyfriend a couple months ago, and he stopped talking to me. Then it came to the day before he left for boot camp, and he stopped by my house to bring me some of my things-which turned out to be old magazines and receipts. We just talked about what we had been up to and what not, and he told me that I should write him when he leaves. (We have the same friends) the day he left he asked our friends what I had said about him coming over. He had also been hanging out with this girl since we broke up. the same day he came to see me, he spent that night hanging out with her and his brother and out friend. she keeps posting on his Facebook wall and what not about how she misses him and can’t wait to write him. Nobody has said anything official about the two of them, but it’s all very confusing. I guess I just don’t understand why he came to my house and told me to write him if he’s seeing someone else. If I want him back, what do I do? Do I write him? Should I not?

  • Michelle says:

    Hi I am wondering how to get my boyfriend to want me & come back to me again?
    My boyfriend broke up with me a week ago over an argument that I started. I just wanted us to be close to each other before he went on a stag do for the weekend but pushed him away instead. I was stubborn after the argument to not say sorry, wanting him to come to me but in hide sight he didn’t have anything to apologize for. He says he can’t offer what I want & doesn’t want to argue. He hasn’t been in touch since the break up & I have left him to have space but I don’t want to leave it too long without saying sorry & that is was my fault. As he hasn’t been in touch since does this mean he has forgotten me & got over me already? I don’t know what to do for the best.


  • Karen says:

    I have had a rough couple of months. I am divorced with children. We have been together for about 18 months. Recently i have been trying to get my house ready for sale and had to deal with my ex again. He is a total nightmare and that had some negative effects on me and my boyfriend. He is tired of the drama that oomes with me. He also is working 60 hours a week. Then when i started feeling him pull away i started convincing behavior, got emotional and clingy. Of course now he has pulled away so far i think i lost him. I did pull an ultimatim on him about a month ago and nothing was the same. But i think there was some misunderstanding he told his sister he cant marry me and cant replace my kids father. I dont want to get married either i just wanted him as a boyfriend. I know he loves me we have been through a lot. and he has stuck by me. But he doesnt trust me now due to clingy behaviors. Stopped eye contact, less affection etc. The sex was the best we both have ever had also btw. I am not contactng him until the storm inside of me is gone. I also had court and many other problems with house and ex up until now. So i was anxious and sad about that. His sister told me that he will just push me away until i go away. Is there any hope, we were definitely connected emotionally, physically and loved each other. He told me if i am not at peace with myself how can i be at peace with someone else. I worry too much..things like that

    • Charlotte Jane says:

      Hi Karen,

      It seems like you have been going through a very tough time. I am glad that you realise that your clingy behaviour has pushed him away. That is the first step in fixing your situation. I agree with you that you should not be contacting him until you feel calmer and your personal situation has improved. You don’t want him to think that you are needy. For things to have a chance between you both your personal life with your ex needs to be sorted out or he will always be getting in the way of your future relationships. I think that you both know that.

      It sounds as if he needs some time on his own to work things out. Space is a good idea for you too at the moment. Try to accept things as they are at the moment and let go. Know that it will not always be like this and that you are working towards a better future with him in it.

      If you both have a strong connection that will not be easily broken, so try not to worry. If you are meant to be together you will find each other again, but that will only happen if you are in the right place. Working on yourself and your personal life will benefit your kids, you and him. He will see that you are changing and that you are fixing things.

      No contact with him will be very difficult but you need to stick to it in order to make him see you differently. There is always hope Karen, but you cannot push things or you will end up ruining any chance that you have to get him back. Stay strong and I hope things work out for you.

  • nandini says:

    I had a break up with my boyfriend 2 weeks ago due to the fact that his parents does not agree to our relationship because he is a muslim and I am a hindu. We are together since 5 years and after our break up he did not contact me at all. How do I get him back when we are no longer seeing each other in person anymore?

  • Maryanne says:

    No contact is pretty tricky I have children with my ex ( not actually divorced) husband , for example yesterday he picked them up from my work he always hugs me and kisses me on the lips, they went to see a movie he text asked me to come have lunch with them after movie I did he keeps saying how much weight I’ve lost he bought them back after work but did not leave straight away we all sat and had a drink together , I have a conference next weekend in the city he works in he is taking me out to dinner ( because his new gf is busy anyway) he also reminds me how so very happy he is with her and how we had our chance and blew it .. He also called me his beautiful ex wife … Do I have a chance to rekindle his feelings? Does he still care? Mx

  • Maryanne says:

    My husband, has a new girlfriend now for almost 4 months he says she makes him so happy, but he’s taken me out had weekends away with me then decided he cheating on her and feels bad.. Then he asked me to tell him to take a job in another city I agreed it was a good opportunity so he did, then he started saying I should pack up and move myself and our kids and my job to the same city as him,now every day I get a text asking if I’ve started organizing it , but no suggestion he’s leaving her or that we will live together ..what does he think I am?? Maryanne

  • krush says:

    Hi my guy is actually in relation wit other girl from past 5 yes suddenly 1 fine day he proposed me and the story about his X gf was hidden from me. One fine day truth revealed and I was angry but still I couldn go away from him I accepted the truth and was with him. He had 2 gfs now me n his old one. But he loved n cared fa me lot. I did always mistake by telling him lie. Now the situation is that he tells o my face that he Don love me m m nothing in his life etc etc it’s because his old gf has kept all negative things about me in his mind. But now the thing is I want him back as he was before I want him to love me more than before what’ to be done I donno m blank

  • ari says:

    Me and my ex have been together for 5yrs. We broke up 8 months ago over something petty. A week into our bbreakup he rebounded on a girl who is his close friend. He admit it was a rebound and he apologised and for the last 7 1/2 months hes been playing back and fourth games like he wants me and doesnt. Wants to marry but as soon as I tell him to let that girl go he refuses cz shes his friend. His neighbour and he cant tell her to go like that. I feel like he constantly chooses her over me. This girl has caused so much trouble for me becaise she doesnt like me and she thinks im stringing along with him. I do love this guy I wannu make it work but only if he can let this girl go. He constantly trys to make it work but its not in my faver. He would come outsud my doorstep to see me to talk to sort things out. He has a problem with me having guy mates as he thinks im gettin together with them and questions where i been all day whith whom etc. And tbh i have not moved on with anyone yet.The last 7 1/2 months have been like this. Now recently I went to go see him after this girl spread some horrid rumours about me which hebdidnt believe btw. I go to see him and we argued over the phone because he would not see me face to face. Now we have officially cut all contact. I feel like this is a fresh wound. Heartbroken and I can see him enjoying his life. I dont know what to say but I don’t know how to cope. I do want him back but I don’t understand what juat happened or what to do.

  • aiman says:

    I need help. I just break up. We both fight everyday and it all my fault. Now i change myself and learn from mistake. But my ex he now taken already. And i’m hurt a lot. Can i have him back? There a one day he ask to meet me cause we never meet and last night he fight with his ex and ask to break up but then they getback. Do i still have chance? And what should i do?

  • aiman says:

    I need help. I just break up. We both fight everyday and it all my fault. Now i change myself and learn from mistake. But my ex he now taken already. And i’m hurt a lot. Can i have him back? There a one day he ask to meet me cause we never meet and last night he fight with his ex and ask to break up but then they getback. Do i still have chance? And what should i do? I really need help

  • jackson says:

    I need help. I just break up. We both fight everyday and it all my fault. Now i change myself and learn from mistake. But my ex he now taken already. And i’m hurt a lot. Can i have him back? There a one day he ask to meet me cause we never meet and last night he fight with his ex and ask to break up but then they getback. Do i still have chance? And what should i do? I really need help.

  • jessie says:

    I just broke up with him, i dont know what to do next after i hv read sarah’s story, i start with denial too and keep asking why he left me and he told me that ” i dont think that we match” and we argued and he want me to be his friend and maybe he get mad at me, then i read about sarah’s story and get online advises and i realize i shouldnt have done that at first because it make him become more distant, what should i do to get to the path of Get Him Back Forever. I do really want him back,please tell me.thankyou

  • jessie says:

    Hi,I just broke up with him, i dont know what to do next after i hv read sarah’s story, i start with denial too and keep asking why he left me and he told me that ” i dont think that we match” and we argued and he want me to be his friend and maybe he get mad at me, then i read about sarah’s story and get online advises and i realize i shouldnt have done that at first because it make him become more distant, what should i do to get to the path of Get Him Back Forever. I do really want him back,please tell me.thankyou

  • Georgie says:

    My ex boy friend and I split 2 years ago. He was a widower, it was too soon after his wife’s death and he felt guilt about being in a relationship. He was also getting pressure from his children. It was an angry split. Last year round his birthday he sent me a text to tell me he was having a special birthday. I acknowledged the response but did not encourage further messages. This year I decided to acknowledge his birthday sending him a text message wishing him well. I was surprised with the response I received in return. He was thrilled to hear from me. We sms for a couple of days and his final sms was that he was “glad to be back in touch X”. I’m confused. Is he still interested after 2 years of no contact. Was his contact 12 months earlier a lame attempt to reengage? Will I hear from him again? Thank you

  • Farah says:

    Okay so my ex boyfriend blocked me on facebook. It’s been 2 weeks since we’ve been in no contact and one day he unblocked me and sent me a friend request messaging me saying hey. I replied with a hi a couple hours later due to the fact that I didn’t have my phone. He then seen my message but has never replied. You think there is any hope left? It’s been 2 days since he hasn’t replied to me. Help me please :'(

  • Brenda says:

    I confronted my boyfriend about pushing out with another gal and threatened to leave him. He took it personal and told me he was dissappointed that i didnt trust him. Its now amonth but he insisted we keep friends. Im so heartbroken i apologised and begged him back in vain. Pliz help how can i get him back?

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