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Does My Ex Still Love Me? How To Read The Secret Signs

Signs That Your Ex Still Loves You

There are a multitude of signs your ex still loves you if you know where to look out for them and learn to read them properly. If you are asking yourself “Does my ex still love me?” you are probably really confused right now. Your ex is blowing hot and cold with you, one minute they seem like they are interested in you and the next they want you dead. So where do you really stand with them? Are there ways to cut through all of this confusion and get to the heart of what your ex is actually feeling right now? Luckily there are and you are about to learn them here!

Breakups don’t always indicate absolute truth about how things are or how they’re going to be. They’re uncertain, and a lot of things remain up in the air. One of the most confusing parts of a breakup is figuring out how your ex really feels about you. It’s not like you can ask them outright. Even if you did, the answer that you get is not likely to be a true indication of where they stand.

After a breakup, your ex is going to go into full self-preservation mode. They may demonstrate feelings to you that are the farthest things from the truth possible. They may attempt to act like they don’t care about you at all, or that they’re completely disinterested in anything that you do with your new, single life. It’s not that they don’t care about you. In fact, these opposing signs are generally indications that they do care about you. They know that you’re still in a position to hurt them, and they’re going to do anything possible to prevent that from happening, even if it means leading you intentionally in the wrong direction.

The signs that your ex is willingly sending off are not the only signs that they’re likely to be exhibiting. You need to focus your attention on the signs that they’re not even aware they’re sending – the signs that can show you how they truly feel, whether they like it or not. Learning to accept and recognize these signals is the key to winning them back successfully. If you act accordingly and proactively, you have every opportunity to reclaim your romantic relationship.

Sign #1 – Your Ex Gets Emotional In Front Of You

In the above scenario I mentioned the fact that your ex could be acting weirdly with you right now. They seem to be a Jekyll and Hyde kind of character and you don’t really know how to approach them. This is actually a HUGE sign that your ex still loves you, or at the very least still has strong feelings towards you. 

If your ex is acting emotionally or angrily it essentially means that you still have the power to affect them deeply. They do not know how to interact with you after the break up because they are still carrying around old wounds and a lot of emotional hurt. Think about it for a minute. If your ex was indifferent towards you then they would not get emotional about anything you said or did, it just wouldn’t matter to them. Even if your ex is acting as though they hate you right now it is actually a good sign. That is because there is a thin line between love and hate. If your ex is fuming with you then it means that you have the ability to hurt them. This shows that your ex still has feelings for you. Strange isn’t it?

 If your ex does get emotional in your company you should just allow them to get rid of their pent up anger and frustration. Don’t feed into the pain by accentuating it with your own  anger. Tell your ex that you understand their anger but that you do not want to fight. Then walk away. The last thing that you want is for you both to start hurling abuse at each other because words could slip out that do so much irreparable damage. Getting back together when things have been said is a much harder prospect.

Sign #2 – They Aren’t Shy About Keeping In Touch

It’s out of the ordinary for the person who ended a relationship to willingly and actively keep in touch once the breakup is official and the relationship is over. If your ex is calling/texting/emailing you regularly after the relationship has ended, it’s a pretty clear indication that there’s something more happening beneath the surface, and it may be an incredibly positive sign that their interest in you hasn’t changed.

How is your ex acting when they make contact? Are your conversations all on surface-level topics or do they delve deeper? Does your ex ask you a lot of leading questions about your current life, dating realities or what you’ve been doing with your time? They’re trying to find out where you stand just as much as you’re trying to figure out things on their end. They want to see if you’re still interested in them just as much as you want to find out about their potential interest in you and contacting you is the best way they know to discover answers.

You should also be on the look out for the way that they make contact and when. If your ex is trying to keep the conversation going at all costs then it is a pretty clear sign that they miss you and crave a connection with you. This is obvious when they ask loads of silly questions and talk inanely about nothing. It is also a huge sign when they try to justify their reasons for contacting you. They are really looking for any excuse in the book here. If your ex really wanted to return your CD they would pop it in the post or give it to one of your friends instead. Don’t fall for the “I was wondering what the name of that restaurant you liked was?” Your ex’s motives are clear here, they don’t care about the stupid restaurant, they care about you!

You should also monitor the time your ex contacts you. Is it in the evening or at the weekends? This is a clear sign that your ex is missing you. As a couple you were much more likely to spend evenings and weekends together. Now that you have broken up your ex is at a loose end and is remembering the times that you both shared together. They are used to having you in their lives and the realisation that you are suddenly not there anymore can be hard to handle. That is why your ex is calling or texting you at a time where they feel vulnerable.

Calling you at the weekends could also be an attempt for your ex to keep tabs on you. They want to know what you are up to post break up and the only way that they can find this out is by trying to catch you out. If they ring with no warning they know that they will find out what you are really up to on a Saturday night. Your ex needs reassurance that you are missing them as much as they are or that you are not out with someone new. 

Sign #3 – They Admit (Repeatedly) That They Are Still Single

Moving on after a breakup is not a standard, set process. Some people are able to begin rebound relationships before the dust has settled. Some are more picky and uninterested in beginning a rebound romance. Most of the time, however, these internal battles will remain secret to the other party. Your ex usually doesn’t want you to know what they’re thinking or feeling, and they won’t bring up the fact that they’re single, interested in someone new or involved in a new relationship at all.

Should your ex break out of this unexpected norm, it’s for a purpose. Your ex wants you to know definitively that they’re not involved in a new relationship, and there is no reason for them to take that step if they’re not still interested in you on some level. They’re trying to glean information from you to see if you’re involved with someone new or if you’re open to suggestion. If they start with hints but don’t get the reaction that they’re looking for from you, they’ll come out and be more direct. This means that they’re after something, and although they may be going about things backwards, they’re looking to you for answers and direction.

It is a really big thing when your ex admits that they are still single to you. It leaves them vulnerable and it shows that they can still open up to you. Take this as a really positive sign that your ex still loves you. They are obviously thinking about giving your relationship another try but they have to find out if you are single too before they ask. They don’t want to put their heart on the line and risk being rebuffed by you, that is why they have to go about it in a weird way. They hope that you will tell them that you are single too, then they will know where to go from there.

Sign #3 – They Make Valiant Attempts To See You In The Flesh

If your ex’s interest in you is growing, sooner or later talking to you on the phone is going to fail to be sufficient enough for them. They’re going to want more, and they’re going to make every effort possible to see you in person. This is not as hard as it seems, and your ex is familiar with your schedule and routine. It’s simply a matter of showing up where they think you may be in a last-ditch effort to reconnect and see you face-to-face without having to make any big, scary moves in the process.

Not only is running into your ex in person on multiple occasions a sign that your ex is still interested in you, it’s also a sign that they miss you. Wanting to see you speaks to a desire on their part to feel close to you again. They will risk embarrassment or awkwardness for the opportunity to be in your company, even if it’s only from across a crowded room. They’re reliving the positive moments of your romance and longing to feel that connection with you all over again.

Calling you may seem out of the question anymore. They may be counting on the fact that you’ll think running into them is nothing more than a strange coincidence when it’s all contrived. Your ex is intentionally placing themselves in your path, and a continued interest is the only reason that they’d go through the trouble. Think about it, if your ex wanted to avoid you after the break up, which is very common by the way, they would stay away from everywhere they know you will be. They are obviously hoping for any kind of interaction at all here and making tiny moves to try to reinsert themselves back into your life so that you don’t forget them.

Sign #4 – Your Ex Tries To Make You Jealous

This is an age old tactic that still works and your ex knows this. If they think that you are moving on or are disinterested in them they will take drastic action into stopping this from happening. If you have been pretending that you are ok with the break up or if you were the one that broke up with your ex, then they will be eager to extract some kind of a reaction from you. You have been showing no positive signs of late that you still have feelings for your ex, so they have decided to find out once and for all if there are any residual feelings left on your part. It is a sneaky tactic but a very effective one. 

Watch out for your ex trying to suggest that they are seeing someone new and parading a new love interest in front of you. If they are being overly affectionate and obvious about it, whilst looking for your reaction, you can be sure that it is for your benefit. Whilst this seems like a very immature tactic from your ex you have to understand that they are still hurting about the break up and want to feel better about it. Yes they are using another person, and that is never right, but seeing things from their perspective and not assuming the worst is better for you.

Making you jealous does not solely lie in rebound relationships either. Your ex could be much more subtle about the ways they go about it. Posting pictures of them out and having fun on Facebook may not seem like your typical revenge on your ex strategy, but it essentially is. Your ex knows that you will be checking their Facebook wall after the break up, it is human nature to be curious about your ex. They also know that pretending to have an action packed and fun filled post break up life will annoy you. They know that it will hurt you somewhat and make you jealous – why are you not having as much fun after the break up as they are?

You have to remember that this is largely for effect. No one walks out of a break up and suddenly their life changes for the better, not if there were genuine feelings involved. Your ex is trying to prove that they are ok as much as they are trying to pretend to you that they are over you. It is self preservation to act like everything is ok rather than openly admitting that they are lonely and missing you. 

What your ex posts on Facebook isn’t a reliable barometer of how they are really feeling anyway. How likely are they going to be to say something truthful about the break up when they know that you could read it? They have too much self respect for that and they do not want to risk getting hurt again. Instead they think it is safer to paste on a smile and prove to you that you cannot affect them anymore – you know differently though, don’t you?

Are None Of These Signs Evident? Learn How Turn The Tables On Your Ex Before It Is Too Late

Your ex may not be exhibiting any of these signs yet, but that doesn’t mean that they’re no longer interested in you. They may just need a proactive push in the right direction or be hiding their feelings from you. Your ex is much more likely to show you how they feel towards you when you know how to push their emotional hot buttons properly. There are things that you can say and do that will provoke reactions from your ex that will clearly let you know where you stand with them.

Even if it seems like your ex has already moved on there are ways to get their interest and affection back if you know what you are doing. You can rekindle your ex’s interest by steering clear of stereotypical behaviors that they may be expecting from you as an ex and being proactive in your attempts to positively win them back. 

You need to focus on the goal here and realize that every move you make is going to be perceived differently from your ex’s side of the fence than it is from yours. Think about how your actions are going to be seen from their perspective and act in a manner that furthers your cause – not one that works against it. Avoid being over-emotional and frightening them off for good. Above all, try to see things positively and maintain an upbeat attitude. Your ex will be attracted to your positive energy, and they would be much more likely to respond positively to your attempts than they would be inclined to otherwise.

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This system relies on the truths of human psychology and taps into its secrets to allow you to make your ex more responsive to you. No matter how your break up occurred or the sort of relationship that you have with your ex now, this system can teach you how to reverse all of the negativity and form a close connection again. 

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9 Responses to “Does My Ex Still Love Me? How To Read The Secret Signs”

  • Brent says:

    My ex and I broke up less than a week ago. Within the last couple days we’ve been texting here and there. Sometimes we have very good conversations, and sometimes we start to run out of things to say. She claims she just can’t deal with a relationship right now(finals week, leaving for school in a couple months, etc.) We decided not to talk for awhile but days later she texts me and we talk for awhile. And the next day we talk for a little while too. What’s going on?

  • kathy says:

    Me and my ex of 4 years split up 3 weeks ago he talked to me right up until he met her and never said anything to me it was over or he just stopped texting and ignored meA and the same night he ended it he met a girl at the bar and went home with her now he lives with her and he doesnt talk to me at all and ignores all my text, he told me he still loves and cares about me but wants to see where this relationship goes,should i just let him go or should i hold on he will come back

    • Betty says:

      Leave him! You can’t wait for someone that’s doing his life with another girl plus that’s not fair for the other girl. A guy that loves someone will never do that or put his love one in that place. You go and find a good man and move on, I’m sure he is not hurt or in pain right? So why are you? Good luck, don’t let no men step on you or make you wait to see what happen…

  • Elizabeth Romero says:

    My husband and I been together 12 yrs married 5. We split up a lil over a month ago. He told me he hated me and never wanted to see me again. 2 days later he came over like he never said anything or did anything wrong. He’s with another woman now and she post pic of him supposedly having fun. But none of them together ever! He does still call me out of the blue. I post on my FB as if I have moved on with my life, but I really haven’t. He has questioned me about my status. Does he still love me? I’ve always been a good wife never cheated,always faithful and dedicated to our marriage. He screwed up our marriage. Is there a quick way to reconcile my marriage before its to late?

  • Christine says:

    Hi…me and my ex broke up a month ago…but since we broke up we still text and continue talking…and we meet and do wat we do when we are in relation…he go vacation for two weeks and i told my self that time is the best time to move on…but even he is on vacation he still chat me and make different act like jealousy…and think that im seeing other guy…i just think that time why he still care about me and make jealous and ask too many question where i am and what i do when i go out…yes i still love him and want him back…but when he came back from vacation day after he come he visit me and see me…after that visit he treat me cold again like he doesnt care…we are friends now but the way we treat each other is like we are in relationship…im moving on but he still there around me…and im so confused if he still love me…please help me…thank you…

  • Jas says:

    My ex wife left me a months ago. I divorced her bit sated it was a huge mistake and wanted her back she left me and moved in with a friend. She block all avenues of contact except email which she never responds to me on I have found she is with another man who she was texting before she left but refused to tell me she is involved She acts like she hates me and said in a email she will never ever take me back i still love her but cannot contact her and she is being persweded by friends to get serious with this new guy what should I do ? I have no way to see if she has any feeling left for me friends and gamilu don’t support me bitt I still have feelings for her although she has been clear about her hate for me and to move on

  • Greg says:

    My Ex and I have not talked in 12 days. We have dated for about a year and a half. We are both divorced with kids. She is 52 and I am 53. Her kids are young, 6 and 12 and mine are 17 and 15. We had a great relationship. Best communication I have ever had. Her main argument was I do not give her enough time. It is hard right now. My kids are very active in sports and after I work all day and go to their things it is tough. She has a lot of baggage that I overlook because I care deeply for this woman. Her ex is an alcoholic and really hardly involved in her kids lives. She recently lost her job and she and kids moved in with her mom. Two weeks ago something was wrong and I asked and she said nothing is wrong. Then the next day she said she has cooled a bit on relationship. So I decided that I need to give her space because there is a lot going on in her life. I have used the No Contact rule now for 12 days. She hasn’t deleted in a relationship from Facebook not our pictures. She also played a Word with Friends the other day with me. She sent it. Despite the baggage I love her and care deeply. I know I am 53 but I am hurting badly. I was married for 19 years and didn’t have the love I have for this girl. What do I do

  • Ishrak says:

    hi…we had a relationship about 4 years. suddenly she broked up. but i love her and i still need her. she tell me that she hates me the most….. 🙁 and she shows that she doesnt care anything about me..she also told me that a boy proposed her and he loves her a lot and he is going to marry her if she eccept the proposal. i want her so what should i do…please help…

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