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Is It Possible To Get Her Back Again? The Truth Is Surprising

Is It Possible To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back After A Breakup?

The possibility of getting your ex girlfriend back will deteriorate the longer you are apart. So, your chances of getting her back are strongest in the weeks following your break up, but this will decrease substantially once months and months have passed since the split. That is why, if you are serious about winning her back, you will have to do some work and fast. There is no point leaving it up to fate or hoping for the best. Sadly, you will never get anywhere with that attitude. Women want a man to fight for them and prove themselves, not someone who isn’t quite sure or doesn’t seem that interested in keeping them.

Truth is, it is possible to get back your ex girlfriend after a breakup. You have to know what you are doing though to increase your chances of success. Winging it is never a wise strategy, in fact it could end up making a reconciliation downright impossible. Your ex girlfriend could end up hating you and you might destroy any lines of communication that you had with her.

Your best bet then is to get clued in to how her mind works. Females deal with breakups very differently to males, so you cannot approach getting her back on male psychology, it just wont work. Females are complicated and confusing creatures at the best of times, but throw in a tough breakup and heightened emotions, and you are dealing with a completely different girl. Saying and doing the right things right now are crucial if you want to win back her affections and make her chase you.

Of course, every situation is different. You can’t expect to say a few corny words to your ex girlfriend and she will come back begging for another chance. It is not that simple or easy. If it was, you wouldn’t be reading this for help, you would be curled up with her somewhere, enjoying her company. Getting your ex girlfriend back again will depend on a few things. So what are they?

Your Behavior After The Break Up

Let’s face it, after your breakup emotions were at an all time high. You were all over the place, confused and sensitive and in a mess. So was your ex girlfriend. Things probably were said that you both regret. Words of anger in reaction to hurt are normal, but rest assured, your ex girlfriend will remember EVERYTHING that you said to her in the moments leading up to the split, and every second thereafter. She will be mulling over exactly what you meant by them, and will still be dealing with a lot of pain and anger towards you. This is expected and you can’t wave a magic wand to eradicate everything that was done or said, it just doesn’t work like that.

Your ex girlfriend will be watching you closely in the days and weeks following your breakup. That doesn’t mean that she is standing right outside your work or home right now, stalking you. In the age of social media there are much better ways for her to keep tabs on you. Every time you are online, she will probably be nervous, wondering if she should initiate a conversation with you.

Everything that you post to your Facebook wall, and every photo you upload to your instagram will be perused over by her, no question. You may think that she doesn’t care about you right now, but it is human nature for your ex girlfriend to wonder what you are up to and think about whether you have moved on or are still thinking about her after the breakup. 

This is why your behaviour post breakup has to be clever and somewhat calculated if you want to get your ex girlfriend back. You cant be acting like an asshole and posting countless pics of you with other girls or out partying all the time. This will only serve to drive a deeper emotional wedge between you, cause more hurt and confusion and drive your ex girlfriend further and further away from you. Jealousy can be a good tactic to get a reaction from your ex girlfriend, but only when used in the right way at the right time. Otherwise, you come off looking like a heartless jerk and she will be glad that you are not in her life anymore.

What you do and say after the breakup is important, as well as how you act. Your ex girlfriend’s friends will be reporting back to her too, so think carefully about what you say to them and the people around you. They will be looking out for clues that you are still pining over her, have moved on or are interested in someone else. 

You can easily let your ex girlfriend know that you are still interested in her by dropping hints on social media. This is as simple as posting a link to her favourite song, with nothing else said. You could be giving her hidden messages in song lyrics, that only she will understand too. This is a very effective yet subtle way of getting her attention again, and you don’t have to bruise your ego whilst doing it.

How Did The Breakup Happen?

How you act following the breakup will largely depend on who did the dumping. If your ex girlfriend was the one who called a halt to your relationship, then your plan of action will be completely different. If you are trying to win back her affections and make her regret her decision, the techniques that you use will be more subtle and trigger her emotional feelings. If, on the other hand, you are the one that did the breaking up, you cannot play hard to get or rely on jealousy to make her come running to you. Your tactics will have to be much more sensitive than that.

Whatever the reasons for the breakup, and whoever initiated it, there are a few things that you need to learn to bring about a reconciliation. The most fundamental of all of these is space and time. You have to give both yourself and your ex girlfriend the space that they need to process their emotions and get their head straight. If you go rushing in begging and telling her that you want her back, it will not have the result that you are hoping for. If she is not ready to listen to you, you will only make yourself look foolish. 

You need time too. Figure out how you really feel about this girl. Do you really want her back or are you just lonely? Time and distance is what you both need right now to avoid saying things that you soon regret. Let your emotions settle for a while before you work on getting her back. Time will also be beneficial to you in the long run as it gives your ex girlfriend the chance to miss you. You have to let her see what life without you is like for her to regret the breakup. This will not happen if you are constantly texting her, or if your online social presence has taken off.

Seeing The Break Up From Her Point Of View

During this time of no contact with your ex girlfriend, you should be using your time wisely. If you are serious about getting her back then you need to start seeing the situation from her perspective. This will alter your behaviour drastically, and give you the upper hand when you do get in contact with her again. She needs to see a change in you. You also want to be using techniques that are effective from a female perspective. What would work to get a man interested again, is NOT going to work from a female perspective. So do your homework on the female psyche to up your chances of success drastically.

It is natural for you to see things form your perspective after the breakup. You are concentrating on the hurt and pain that has been caused to you. This is an important part of the grieving process for you to heal. However, you also have to put yourself in her shoes for a second. Why did the breakup happen? Were angry words exchanged that upset her? Did things just erupt unexpectedly and you wanted to cause her pain?

Whatever the reasons, you can be sure that she is mulling over everything that was said in her head. Women are different creatures. You may not even remember the stuff you said to her, but she does. You can bet that she is still seething from them. That is why a period of cooling down and no contact is so important. There is no hope of patching things up when so much emotional tumult is still occurring.

Your ex girlfriend, like you, probably doesn’t know what to do or what to say right now. She is afraid of getting hurt even further by contacting you, and doesn’t want to make a fool of herself by making the first move. Watch out for signs that she is still interested in you. For example, she could be dropping hints on social media, or showing up in places that she knows you will be. It doesn’t necessarily have to be direct contact with you. Females tend to use more subtle tactics to discern how you are feeling about them. They are clever.

Perhaps she is trying to make you miss her. Is it working? If she has completely cut herself out of your life then it could be because she wants to hurt you or make you see what you are missing. This is an age old technique of reverse psychology. She wants to make you chase her and see what you have given up. 

Your ex girlfriend will probably not want to see you after the breakup for a while, it is just too hard for her. She is confused enough as it is without having to see you and put on a brave face like nothing has happened. The truth is, that you can be assured that she will be thinking about you and what you are feeling, just as much as you are thinking about her. She cannot just turn her feelings off like a tap, despite what she says and how it looks on the outside. Girls are very good at hiding their feelings to protect themselves. Dig deeper to learn the real truth of how she is dealing with your split.

Just because someone ends a relationship, it does not mean that they suddenly stop caring for you. Residual feelings of love and care will linger for a long time. You need to take advantage of these feelings if you are to get her back. She likely is pining for you and curious about what you are up to. She will be paying very close attention to how you are dealing with the breakup too and watching out for signs that you are hurt.

She Won’t Make Contact With Me

Just because she is not reaching out to chat to you, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to. She could be as desperate as you for a text or email, waiting by the phone in the fleeting hope that you will make contact. Really, it is a war of attrition between the pair of you. Each one of you don’t want to crack first and make the first move. This is only natural as you are afraid of how a text will be received. You know that it will hurt even worse if you find out that she has blocked your number, has read it, but ignores you, or replies telling you to leave her alone. These reactions are possible, so you don’t make the effort, nor does she.

If you have been reaching out to her recently with no success, it is time to stop what you are doing immediately. It isn’t working and you are only making a fool of yourself in front of her. Desperation is a huge turn off and you don’t want to be killing any lingering attraction that she has left for you. 

You need to be playing her at her own game. It is a power struggle and she has you right where she wants you at present. It feels good for her to be in control and have you dangling off a string, to pull you and push you as she pleases. This is not the position that you want to be in. You have to take the power back.

This means that you should stop all contact with her today. It also means that you should be staying off social media and giving her clues into your life. Furthermore, you should be avoiding bumping into her, or going anywhere that you know she will be. She has to feel the lack of you in her life. It has to come as a shock to her system, a bolt from the blue. Suddenly you are not there anymore and she has no clue where you are or what you are up to. This will flick the desperation switch in her and she will then be the one reaching out to you. 

This is a great way of regaining control over the situation. All you are doing is making her think, second guess herself and forcing her to miss you. Maybe she didn’t expect that she would. You never gave her the chance as you were always trying to reinsert yourself back in her life. Once you disappear off her radar for a while she will have to take action before she loses you for good. When you begin receiving texts from her, asking how you are or see her liking your past posts on Facebook, it is a huge insight into her inner struggle. She is anxious about you and she notices that you have gone. 

How To Attract Her Back To You

From here, you can start rebuilding the attraction that she used to have for you. Being hard to get and mysterious about your whereabouts and what you are up to will make her even more curious. If she thinks that it is possible you are getting over her or moving on, she will start to make strong moves to prevent this from happening. Best of all, you didn’t even have to do much, only exert a little self control by staying away from her. 

You have to maintain self respect throughout this whole process if you want your ex girlfriend to respect you. That means that you cannot break down in front of her or mentally unravel on your Facebook account. You need to be strong and masculine for her to feel attraction towards you. Keeping her guessing is what you want. 

Women are attracted to strong men who do not show signs of desperation and emotional instability. Sure, they like you to be in touch with your emotions and be honest about how you feel, but being unhinged and stalkerish is not going to do you any favours.

Keep your integrity in tact and know your worth if you want your ex girlfriend to see how special you are. If she doesn’t, then was she even worth it in the first place? You should not have to beg and plead for anyone to see your value. She should want to be with you for you. Make her see that you are attractive in your own right, by exerting self respect. You will be surprised just how far this goes in making her sit up and take notice of you again.

Attraction also has a lot to do with how you see yourself. If you don’t value yourself and know your worth, your ex girlfriend is not going to either. That is why it is crucial that you spend time on you post breakup. Spend time doing the things that you love and make you feel fulfilled. Take up a new hobby and throw yourself into that. You will feel like you have something to live for again and you will be investing in your own happiness. It will also enable you to take your mind off your ex girlfriend and get rid of pent up stress. 

This will also serve the purpose of making your ex girlfriend see you getting on with your life without her. She will start to panic and reach out. Seeing you passionate about something is also a huge turn on. It eradicates the image that she has held of you pining after her, all hopeless and pathetic, and forces her to see how strong and interesting you are. 

To force her to be attracted to you again, you also need to think back to the start of your relationship. What did she see in you that she liked? She is bound to have told you why she noticed you and what made you different from the rest. Concentrate and work on those aspects of yourself. You have not lost them, they are still an intrinsic part of you. Sometimes certain parts of ourselves get lost along the way in a relationship. We become comfortable and invest in the other person, more than ourselves. Now is the time to invest in you and make you happy again. The changes will not go unnoticed by your ex girlfriend.

Your Next Step – Making Her Crazy For You

This evidently only touches the surface about attraction and female psychology. There are so many more things that you need to be doing right now to up your chances of getting her back. 

Learning about female psychology is a big part of this. You will only be hitting out in the dark, always missing the target, if you don’t really know what you are doing. Remember, knowledge is power. You have to be smart about it as timing is crucial.

Take a look at the system above to learn what you should be doing next. The introductory video will help you get started. This powerful system will show you how to push her emotional triggers to get her to come running back to you. Employing special techniques to make her miss you and crave you will also have good results for you. Michael Fiore has helped thousands of guys in your situation win back their ex girlfriends, maybe he can do the same for you. Good luck.


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