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Get My Ex Girlfriend To Miss Me – Follow These Steps

Getting your ex girlfriend to miss you is actually a lot easier than you think. Nothing that you have been doing so far is working, so it is time for you to take a different approach. To make her miss you it is essential that you understand the female mind and how they tick. There is no point in looking at things from a male perspective. It just wont work. Women are complicated creatures, they don’t always say what they mean and can be kind of confusing. When you learn to read the signs though and implement strategies that she will respond to, you will get her to miss you faster than you think.

There are certain behaviours that you must avoid at all costs if you want to get your ex girlfriend to miss you and pine for you. These disastrous faux pas will make her see you negatively and in an unattractive light. You need to have the opposite affect on her. She needs to see you like she once did. So, avoid these post breakup mistakes at all costs. Soon you will see a change in her behaviour towards you.

Contacting Her Too Much

This is probably the most obvious mistake. Think about it. How can you make your ex girlfriend miss you if you are always contacting her? You maybe think that if you keep reminding her of you, she will pine and remember the good times. Not so I’m afraid. It will only have the opposite affect on her. Don’t be afraid that she will forget about you if you don’t keep in touch. She doesn’t have the memory of a fish. She will be thinking about you after the breakup. It is a natural human reaction.

If you find yourself sending her constant texts, emails, snapchats, Facebook messages etc, you are doing things completely wrong. PLEASE STOP! She obviously isn’t responding to this tactic, so it is time to change tack. The more texts she receives from you, the more she will take you for granted. This is just female psychology. If something or someone is too available to them they will not see it as special or dear. They will intrinsically know that it is easy to get and therefore it will automatically be devalued in their mind. Sad isn’t it? You don’t want to be taken for granted or seen as cheap and unimportant. That will do nothing for your confidence or self worth.

Look at how your behaviour looks to her for a second. Put yourself in her shoes and it will lead to a drastic change in your behaviour and outlook. Let’s say that your ex girlfriend was sending you repeated texts, pleading on you to give it another go, asking you numerous leading questions. It will start to get on your nerves. You will quickly view her as a stalker, mentally unstable and unattractive. Perhaps you would think that she hasn’t accepted the breakup and she is trying to get you back through pleading, manipulation and guilt. It’s not attractive is it? It is actually very sad and pitiful behaviour. THIS IS HOW YOUR EX GIRLFRIEND VIEWS YOU at the moment. I hate to break it to you, but this is the truth and you need to face up to it and fast if you are to stand any chance of getting your ex girlfriend back and making her miss you.

Every time she gets a text from you she will be rolling her eyes. “not again” she will say to herself. Sadly, the longer that this goes on, the more she will start to view you as needy and pathetic. She will start to feel sorry for you and be finding ways to get you out of her life. You could soon find that she starts to ignore your texts and emails in a desperate effort to give you a hint – she is just not interested.

It doesn’t have to be this way though. Things look bad now but you can turn things around by understanding how your actions will appear to her. Right now, the most effective thing that you can do is to just stop. That’s right, STOP. No more texts, emails, snap chats, or bumping into your ex girlfriend. This will have a dramatic impact on your ex girlfriend. Suddenly she will sit up and take notice of you again. She will be wondering where you have gone. She has been relying on the fact that she would hear from you every day. Not anymore. Now she will have to do the chasing. Now she will be the emotional and confused one, not knowing where she stands with you.

Facebook Updates Constantly

It is a common mistake after a breakup to constantly update your Facebook wall and post endless selfies of you out with friends, having a great time. Your ex girlfriend will see your updates, in fact, she will be looking out for them as she is interested in what you are up to post breakup.

When you post on Facebook you will look desperate. She will know that your desperate attempts to portray a busy and fun-filled social calender are for her benefit. It smacks of desperation and it will look like you are trying too hard and pretending that all is well when it isn’t. Sometimes it is just better to do nothing, it has a greater impact on your ex girlfriend.

If it looks as if you are not bothered about updating your profile, then you mustn’t really care about what she thinks. Also, it will say lots to her about how busy you are. If you always find the time to update your wall, you must be sitting inside and not going out as much as you say. Alternatively, when you disappear from social media, you are living your life to the fullest and not living vicariously through a screen. She will start to fill in the blanks for herself and imagine all sorts. You must be out on the town with your mates, or a new girl? Her paranoia will kick in and this is when she will panic, reaching out to you for validation.

The most obvious reason why you should stay away from social media is to give your ex girlfriend the chance to miss you. If you are still socially present, she will still have a very personal window into your life. It is as if you never left her. She knows what you are thinking, who you are talking to, where you have been and what your plans are. If you are giving her all of the info that she craves she will never make the effort to contact you herself. It is only when you take this information away from her, will she start to see a void in her life. She will miss you when she doesn’t know what you are up to. She will have all of these unanswered questions that need to be answered.

It takes a lot of self control on your part, but the payoff is immense. This is an incredibly powerful way to make your ex girlfriend miss you and fast. You will be surprised how fast she picks up the phone to speak to you, asking how you are. Just watch.

Feeble Attempts To Make Her Jealous

You have probably heard that making your ex girlfriend jealous will provoke a reaction from her. It will, but not the one that you had hoped for. Do you want her to view you as an unfeeling moron who is stomping all over her feelings and not caring about her? That is how she is going to view you if you start parading around with a new girl in front of her. How is she going to miss you if you do this? You may think that she will suddenly realise what she is missing out on. Not so. She will only see an insensitive asshole who she is well rid of. Instead of missing you, she will be glad that you have split up and will be trying her best to avoid you at all costs.

You have to play things very differently if you want her to miss you. This includes being the guy that she fell for in the first place so that she remembers the good times. Remember that she will have to see you in a positive light if she is to miss you and want you back. You want to provoke an emotional response from her, but not a negative one. You don’t want her to end up hating you. It is best to play it safe here and not use jealousy as a tactic in getting her back unless you know what you are doing. Jealousy needs to be used subtly to get a positive response from your ex girlfriend.

Feeling Sorry For Yourself

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It is normal to feel sorry for yourself in the days and weeks following your break up. You have been through a lot. The grief and the pain are very real. The problem is, your ex girlfriend is not going to see your self pity in a positive light. If you are moping around, pining after her or posting desperately sad things on Facebook to provoke a reaction from her, you are only doing yourself more harm. How do you think this looks to her? All of the post break up behaviours are incredibly unattractive and frightening.

Your ex girlfriend will be paying attention to how you are coping with the breakup. When she sees that you are indulging in the pity game, she will not see you as very attractive at all, in fact, the opposite will be the case. Do you think that she will miss you when you are like this? Do you think that she will want to be in your company when you are down, pessimistic and self-indulgent? Truth is, she will be glad to be as far away from you as possible. I know that this is not pleasant to hear, but you need to acknowledge how detrimental this behaviour is when you are trying to get her to miss you.

She will only miss someone who is fun to be around and you are not fun right now, not by a far stretch. Get yourself together now if you are serious about getting her back and making her miss you. Now that you know exactly what you shouldn’t be doing, it is time to figure out the actions to turn things around and get your ex girlfriend pining after you again.

You Have To Give Her Time

You are ready to get back together, you miss her terribly and you want her to feel the exact same way. It doesn’t work like this though. You have to give her time to process the breakup and work out how she feels. Demanding that she feels a certain way or getting frustrated with her for not feeling the same as you, will ultimately backfire. You have to be patient with her and respect her need for space. She cannot be put under pressure to miss you, it has to come naturally to her.

If she sees that you are being understanding, kind and sensitive, it will look good for you. She will start to remember why she first fell in love with you and miss that. These are attractive qualities to her and she will be watching you for how you behave towards her after the breakup. You have probably heard of the saying ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ and this is true. You need to be absent from her life for a while to make her miss you and want you again. It is hard to hold back when you miss her like mad and all you want to do is talk to her and hold her again. You have to see the bigger picture though and realise that anything worth having is worth waiting for. It will be all the sweeter in the end.

You have probably already heard of the phrase, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder”, and it’s true. She is not going to come to the realisation that she cannot live without you, if you won’t let her. You cannot be present in her life if you want her to miss you, it doesn’t make any logical sense. If you want her to get to the point where she is pining for you and crazy to see you again, you have to give her space and time first. It is worth it in the end, it just involves a lot of patience and self control on your part.

Social Media Is A Bad Idea

For your ex girlfriend to miss you a lot, you cannot be present in her life. That means on social media either. If you are always there, then she is never going to have the opportunity to miss you. It will involve a lot of self restrain on your part, but stepping back from your ex girlfriend is a necessary part of the process of making her miss you. From now on you should be staying off Facebook and other social media accounts. You should also refrain from sending her casual texts or calling her. Block her number if you have to. This is just a temporary measure that you have to be prepared to take in order to get your ex girlfriend to start to think about you differently. Nothing that you have been doing this far has worked, so you have to start taking drastic action before she moves on completely.

You should also be very careful about the indirect contact that you have with your ex girlfriend. Just because you are not communicating with her personally, it does not mean that it is a good idea to start posting every detail of your day on social media. Do you think that she won’t notice that this is for her benefit? She is not stupid, she knows you better than anyone, so a sudden and deliberate obsession with Facebook will only set alarm bells ringing for her. It also puts you at a disadvantage in terms of stoking your ex girlfriend’s interest in you again.

I know that we live in the modern age of reality TV where celebrities earn big money for divulging every aspect of their sordid lives, but do you really think that telling the world every thought in your head is going to get your ex girlfriend to want you? Sadly, it will only have the opposite impact on her. The more you try to pretend that everything is great in your life, you are busy and popular with your friends, the more it is going to scream of desperation to your ex girlfriend.

You have seen it yourself with your own friends on Facebook. People who are constantly posting what they had for lunch, where they have checked in every 5 minutes, what they think about this and that, posting sultry selfies of themselves in different outfits. It gets VERY tiring, VERY fast. You don’t want to be this kind of person. You have to have the self awareness to know that it looks pathetic and needy to the outside world. No one cares what you ate for lunch or about where you have been with your mates. Don’t fall foul to this trap of self -indulgence and attention seeking because it will only appear very desperate to your ex girlfriend. She is not going to miss you either if you are plastered all over her Facebook feed every time she logs in.

Take it for granted that your ex girlfriend will be keeping tabs on you after the breakup. If you are still friends on Facebook she will be checking to see how you are doing. When she sees no updates on your wall and no online presence, believe me, it will stoke more of an interest in her than 100 pics of you enjoying yourself. Mysteriousness is attractive. You want her to chase you, not make it easy for her. If she wants to know what you are up to and how you are, she can contact you personally, not rely on Facebook to tell her. That way you will be subconsciously pulling her towards you. When she does reach out and contact you again, you can be sure that she is missing you and is still interested.

Your Next Step – Get Inside Her Headget my ex girlfriend to miss me, how to make your ex girlfriend miss you

Getting your ex girlfriend to miss you is only part of the puzzle. There are so many more things that you need to be doing right now to encourage your ex girlfriend to pine for you and want you back. You can’t rely on gut instinct here and advice from your friends either. You should be relying on proven psychological research that understands the female mind. She thinks and acts very differently to you, so going about things in a male way, will not work. If you want to be effective and get positive results, you need to get inside her head and think like her.

Luckily, psychologists and relationship experts have done this all for you. They have taken the confusion out of everything. You can watch the video above to learn more. The Ex Factor System relies on years of research on human behaviour and pushes specific buttons in the female mind to make her miss you like crazy and want to respond to you. They will teach you all about the female mind and what she wants from you post breakup. Click this link to get started.

You will also need to look out for the signs that your ex girlfriend still has feelings for you. This will give you an indication of where you stand and what your chances of a reconciliation are. Some signs are more subtle than others.


Signs Ex Girlfriend Still Loves Me – Find Out How She Really Feels

Signs Ex Girlfriend Still Loves Me

Does Your Ex Girlfriend Still Love You? – Find Out How She Really Feels

Despite how it may feel at this particular moment, no breakup is really over until your ex has moved on and completely let go. Women take breakups even harder than guys do – they find the emotions confusing and it often sends them into a tailspin. They’ve formed a bond with you throughout the course of your time together and those bonds are not easily severed.

You still have a chance to win her back – at least for a time she’ll be torn between two options: taking you back and moving on. This decision won’t come easy for you, and she’ll have to carefully weigh out her options despite what she may have said. You need to take our opportunity while it is ripe and step up to the plate if you have any chance of getting her back.

Using those emotions to your advantage is the key to making her regret ending the relationship. These attachments are important to her, and it’s not going to be easy for her to let go. Chances are that your ex will be thinking about the good parts of your relationship a long time after it has ended. If you carefully play your options correctly, you can enhance these thoughts and use them to your advantage.

She’s probably already having second thoughts about the breakup, and remembering the good times you had together will make these thoughts more frequent. She’s looking for justification to make sense of the reasons she left you, and if these justifications are more and more sparse, she’ll start to rethink her choice.


…that’s exactly what you want to accomplish! By regretting her decision to end the relationship, her assertiveness will start to crumble. She’ll start to think that it’s possible that she could lose you for good and by this point she doesn’t want that to happen. If she continues the track she’s on, she’s certainly going to be missing out.

Correctly Recognize The Signs

Certain signals are definitely present if your ex-girlfriend is still in love with you. The signs should be obvious – even if she’s trying to hide it. You need to pay attention to more than just her words – pay attention to her actions as well. Some signs point clearly to the fact that she’s simply not ready to move on. Others are not so clear. Figuring what they mean is a crucial part of increasing your chances and ending up back together.

There’s a lot to think about, and with all of this going on, it’s important to not raise your expectations too high. Don’t allow yourself to go off the deep end and let your excitement get away from you. It’s possible that some of the signs you think you’re seeing aren’t really there and it’s just wishful thinking. It’s important to be realistic and to take certain things at face value. This will allow you to make careful choices and not get carried away.

Attachments between two people in romantic relationships don’t simply vanish overnight just because a relationship is over. Your breakup might have happened at the speed of light, but the feelings that your ex-girlfriend have for you last for longer. Before the breakup happened, your ex probably spent a lot of time analyzing your relationship and trying to figure out what to do. Although her decision was ultimately to end things, her feelings didn’t just stop.

You need to try and figure out how much of those feelings are still there underneath the surface. You need to be able to make the right decisions and plan your moves out carefully. This is a vital part of the process to successfully getting my girlfriend back.

She’s Emotional – All Over The Place

After the breakup first happened, your ex probably displayed some anger – or let you know that she was hurt. She was trying to ascertain where you stood by goading you for a reaction. Girls are master manipulators and the know how to take revenge.

If you caused her a lot of pain, she may want you to experience the same thing. If she simply showed no emotion at all, it would be clear that she was done with the relationship as a whole and was ready to move on.

If she’s showing other types of emotion in front of you now, it’s a sign that she’s starting to let her guard down. She’s allowing you to see her vulnerable, and she’s reaching out for a different kind of reaction from you. If her feelings for you were dead and buried, she wouldn’t be riding an emotional roller coaster. She would simply move on with her life and maintain an up-beat attitude.

Does She Still Remain In Contact With You?

If your ex-girlfriend has kept in contact even after ending the relationship, it’s a definite sign that she wants to keep you around. She doesn’t want to risk losing you completely and she wants to make sure that you stick around. If she’s not only maintaining continual contact but also initiating it, that’s a definite bonus. If she’s simply responding to your efforts to reach out to her, it still can be a good sign.

If she was absolutely done with the relationship with no hope of recovery, she would have been long gone. You wouldn’t be receiving any texts or emails and she wouldn’t be answering any of your messages. She would be polite but short if you continually tried to get in touch before starting the silent treatment and not responding at all.

If your ex has initiated a no-contact policy, don’t throw in the towel just yet. There are still ways to open the channels of communication again. Before taking any action, think about what you’re doing. Don’t risk blowing your shot by acting impulsively. The best moves for all situations can be found here.

She Starts Asking Around About You

There’s a normal period after a breakup where both parties go their own separate ways. Guys and girls both need a little bit of time to relax and let their feelings cool. Although the relationship may be over, a lot of things are still up in the air and it’s normal for any contact between the two of you to stop completely.

This period of silence is not permanent. Either this period will lead into a time where both of you have become adjusted to the breakup and you naturally just head in opposite directions or you’ll realize that your ex has been asking about you. She’ll start wondering what you’re up to and she may be approaching friends, family or coworkers to see what’s been happening in your life. She wants to know what her options are in case she wants to make a move – and so she can figure out what that move should be. She’s really after information to see if you’ve already moved on. This is a sure way to tell that something has changed on her side of the table.

It’s a good sign when your ex starts becoming curious about your life, and it shouldn’t be viewed as an intrusion into your privacy. She wants to know if it’s still possible to reconnect, even if she’s not quite ready to make that leap.

Although you may be tempted to go overboard, it’s vital that you keep your cool. Just because she’s inquiring about you to mutual friends doesn’t mean that she’s ready to commit or start dating again. Don’t appear to be too eager about this news and scare her away – possibly for good. Keep calm and watch for any changes. This way you’ll keep her respect while still maintaining your cool.

She Attempts to Make You Jealous

This is a girl’s crowning art. They’re almost TOO good. If you’ve failed to give her the reaction that she wants, she knows that being seen with someone else is one of the quickest ways to get your attention. She may parade a new flame in front of you in public, and it should be pretty clear that she’s just trying to rile you up. By jumping into a new relationship so quickly after your breakup, it’s also clear that she’s not over her feelings for you. It isn’t normal to move on so quickly after a relationship ends – no one can pull it off successfully.

This tactic may serve a dual purpose. Not only does she think that she can get you jealous and willing to fight to get her back, but she also wants to boost her self-confidence. Her ego probably took a bit of a dip after the breakup even if it was her idea. She’s attempting to fill a void in her life that has become apparent in your absence. Not everything is as it seems.

In order to figure out what’s really going on in this situation you need to gauge her behavior carefully. If she’s always updating her Twitter or Facebook with all the fun things she’s doing, she is doing it specifically to get a reaction. She probably is betting on the fact that you’re checking up on her and she’s doing it intentionally. She is doing this simply for you and not for any other reason. If she was really finding a way to keep herself so busy so constantly, would she really have the time to be updating her accounts?

Even though it may be a kick in the gut to see all the pictures of her fawning over another guy, realize that she still feels deeply for you. She’s trying to pretend that everything’s fine – but it’s not, underneath the surface.

She Randomly Calls You Out of the Blue

You haven’t heard from her in a few weeks and you’re obsessively stalking her Facebook profile for clues. You’re ready to throw your computer out the window and all of her new pictures make you feel sick. But just when you’re about to crack open a beverage, the phone rings – and it’s her.

If she’s calling you without any warning, then you’re obviously on her mind. She may have had one too many drinks, or her plans with her girlfriends fell through. She may be bored and lonely. Regardless of the reason, she decided that calling you was a good idea, so she did. Maybe calling you is still like second-nature and it was done before she had time to think about it. Chances are, whatever conversation you had was a little strange.

If she’s calling you for no reason that you can figure out, it’s safe to say that she’s not thinking clearly. This is her attempt to build a bridge and branch out for contact and comfort with someone that she used to feel very familiar with. If she’s calling you for a very intentional purpose it’s one thing. Calling you out of nowhere is something else entirely. This can be taken as a good thing. It means that she’s still interested. She isn’t ready to fully move on, and she hasn’t let go of the feelings she has for you.

Don’t worry if you weren’t too smooth over the phone. You didn’t have to have all the answers. Don’t push her and don’t ask a lot of questions that may make her feel uncomfortable. Let it be a humorous occurrence, and don’t take it too seriously. Let her say whatever she feels that she needs to say. When she sounds like she wants to get off the phone, let her go without putting up a fight. Reinforce that you enjoyed hearing from her. Don’t worry about what it all meant. It doesn’t have to make sense right now.

She Flaunts Her Singleness In Front Of You

The chances of getting back together fluctuate depending on how long its been since the breakup. Sometimes it’s naturally to feel a growing sense of disconnection, and she’ll gradually start to move away on her own. In order to get her back in this scenario, you need to take action fast. You need to make her start to miss you again, and make her long for the relationship that you used to have.

Other times, your ex will start moving towards you again and give hints that she’s looking to reconnect. Knowing the signs and being aware of her behavior will help you make the right moves at the right times to increase your chance of success. If she’s making obvious and blatant attempts to let you know she’s available, it’s a sure sign that she is trying to get your attention and lead you to ask her out.

Ideally, she’s looking to knock your socks off. She wants you to pay attention to her and let you know that she’s available for the taking if you’re still interested. She may feel uncomfortable around you if she’s the one that ended things, and it’s a difficult hurdle to overcome. Her single status is a way of overcoming her shy demeanor, and she will probably make it blatantly obvious to you every chance she gets. If she starts mentioning that she’s lonely or that guys don’t seem to be paying attention to her lately, it’s likely that she’s throwing a huge hint in your direction.

She Wants to Hang Out

For weeks (or months) she’s been avoiding the sight of you like the plague, and now she wants to meet for a beer. This is one of the biggest signs that her feelings for you are starting to change and she’s interested in more than just friendship. Chances are she’s been mulling something over in her head and she wants to talk to you in person. What she has to say just can’t be said over the phone. Before you get your hopes up, play it politely but cool. If you seem too eager, she might take off on you again.

This step doesn’t automatically mean that she’s ready to hop back into a relationship. She may be trying to test the dynamic between you and see if that old spark is still there. The key to this stage is to move slowly and not rush – try to see where she is and go with the flow. If she’s showing signs of wanting to spend time with you though, she’s probably missing you quite a bit. Take it easy and let the situation unfold naturally.

She’s Not Showing Any Of These Signs – What Do I Do?

It can be hard to know what’s going through your ex’s mind at any given moment. She acts crazy and bi-polar. One minute she’s screaming at you and the next she’s vanished without a trace. Maybe she’s gone to find some space to avoid the pain of running into you unexpectedly. Maybe she’s just thrown herself into other hobbies to keep herself occupied.

The trick now is to get her attention back. This is a top priority and should be done quickly in order to regain your chances. But how you do it is just as important as the steps that you take.

Brad Browning is the industry expert at getting a broken relationship back on track. He has created a system called The Ex Factor System which is specifically designed to teach people just like you how to take the control back and use your ex-girlfriend’s own feelings against her.

Brad’s system has a staggering 84% success rate and can be put into practice easily and quickly. It offers results instantly and can turn even the hardest situations around completely.

Check out the free introduction and audio guide for the program before making any moves. The Ex Factor System recreates the magic that marked the beginning stages of your relationship. Any guy who has an ex girlfriend who is angry or ignoring them, can turn their situation around by checking out this valuable tool.


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