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Attracting Back An Ex – Don’t Make These Fatal Mistakes


Attracting back an ex after a breakup can sometimes seem like an impossible feat. Maybe your ex isn’t even talking to you anymore and they have made it quite clear that they have moved on. No matter how dismal your situation seems right now, there is always a chance that you can attract back your ex. You cannot leave it up to wild chance though. You have to make it happen and that means that you have to be honest in looking at your behaviour.

If you are not back with your ex yet, that means that thus far, what you have been doing is not attracting them back. It could be worse than that though, your behaviour may be pushing them further and further way. What you are doing could be seen as downright unattractive in the eyes of your ex. So now is the time to nip this negative behaviour in the bud and make your ex see you as they once did – charming, mysterious, lovable, attractive, fun and desirable.

Attracting your ex back is actually quite easy, once you know how. A huge advantage that you have is human psychology. When you understand how the opposite sex behaves after a breakup, you will begin to see things from your ex’s perspective and make them much more open to communication and a possible reunion with you.

The thing is, after a breakup occurs, most people have a tendency of doing and saying all of the wrong things that ultimately push away their ex. This is because emotions are high. You are afraid of losing them and you are going through a painful grieving process. The more that you act upon emotions, the more mistakes you will make with your ex. You have to take a step back and be rational about the situation. Avoiding the common pitfalls after a breakup will make your ex see you in a positive light. If you are serious about attracting back your ex, then the mistakes below must be avoided at all costs.

Stalking Your Ex Is A No No

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Stalking doesn’t necessarily mean the Hollywood version of you dressed up in a hoodie and camouflage, tapping your ex’s phone or following them down a dark-lit street at night. Stalking can take many forms, all of which are perturbing and frightening for your ex.

You may see your actions as normal, but rest assured, your ex sees things a very different way. Do you think that they wont notice if you tend to show up out of the blue? All of a sudden they are bumping into you, accidentally on purpose. You are hanging out at your ex’s work or college. You are showing up in all their favourite places, like you have suddenly developed a penchant for Pilates, yoga or kick boxing. Your ex isn’t stupid and you shouldn’t be either.

How do you think it will look to your ex if they end up seeing you everywhere they go? What are you expecting here? A huge smile and a kiss? Sadly, it usually has the opposite affect and your ex will very likely end up speeding down the street to avoid you. You don’t want that.

Your ex’s view of stalking will be very different to yours post breakup. You may think that your actions are subtle and innocent, that you are only trying to get a glimpse of your ex again because you miss them so much. Your ex hasn’t suddenly gone blind though. Their emotions will be heightened since the split too and this means that they will be super sensitive to everything you say and do. They will be keeping an eye on your behaviour from afar. This is only natural. Your ex will be curious about how you are coping without them. The last thing that you want them to think is that you have taken to stalking them and cannot bear to be without them. This will set huge alarm bells off for your ex.

Let’s take a step for a moment and see how your current behaviour looks to your ex. Right now you are only seeing things from your perspective because you are hurting and confused. This is normal. However, if your ultimate aim is to attract your ex back, you have to start seeing things from their point of view. How you see your behaviour will change quickly and you will see the damage that you are doing to your chances of getting them back.

Stalking doesn’t just occur physically either. You need to reassess the tabs that you are keeping on your ex through social media. If you are becoming obsessive about your ex and checking their every move n Facebook, seeing when they are online on whattsapp, or scrolling through their accounts to see their latest updates, things have gotten out of hand.

With sites like Facebook, it has become way too easy to stalk an ex and check up on everything that they are doing and who they are doing it with. You will drive yourself mad, start getting emotional, paranoid and irrational and this will manifest itself outwardly with more stalking behaviour. This is far from attractive to your ex. It will only lead to pity, fear and wariness on their part and cement in their minds that the breakup should have happened long before it did.


You probably feel safe, hidden behind the computer screen, thinking that your ex will have no clue that you are patrolling their pages. You are playing with fire and are going to get badly burned. Eventually, you will slip up and get emotional about something your ex said, or a picture they posted with someone else. Your reaction will be to lash out in anger and hurt. Then your ex will know that you have been watching their every move since the breakup, you could be blocked and shunned completely too. Not only that, your desperation, clingyness and refusal to let go will be all too apparent. These are unattractive traits that your ex will be strongly turned off by. You stand no chance of attracting back your ex if you sink to these depths.

To be attractive to your ex again you need to pretend that you aren’t that bothered about what is happening in their life. It has to look as if you have already moved on, that you are mature and busy and have no emotional attachments to them. I know that this seems counter-intuitive. Why would you act like you don’t care about your ex when you do? This is a powerful psychological strategy that will make your ex quickly reassess how they feel about you. They secretively want you to be pining over them still. Their ego demands that you don’t get over them before they do. When it looks as if you aren’t that interested in them anymore, your ex will suddenly panic and start seeing you as attractive and mysterious again. People will always want what they cannot have.

You need to get your ex to a point that they realise that they are not over you and that those old romantic feelings are still there. Recreating a sense of mystery and excitement again is key to attracting back an ex. So, when you refuse to play the stalking game, you are already subconsciously pulling your ex back into your life. All you need is some self control and patience.

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Constant Contact Is A Bad Idea

Calling and texting your ex after you have broken up is a normal part of the break up process. You can take things too far though and end up harassing them with constant texts and emails. You have broken up, so your contact with your ex has to change too, it’s inevitable. You cannot expect to call them up at the drop of a hat lie you used to, or spend hours texting back and forth about your day. That just isn’t going to happen.

There is a readjustment phase with your ex, and the faster you learn to cut contact the better. Your ex already knows that you have taken the breakup badly, that it wasn’t your decision to end things. So, naturally your ex will expect you to hound them with texts, messages, emails and calls in the days and weeks after you have parted ways. Maybe your ex’s ego secretly wants you to still pins after them. What you are ding here though is giving all of your power over to your ex. They hold all of the cards right now, the ball is in their court and they can keep you hanging for as long as they so choose. Your ex may decide to keep you waiting for a day or two for a reply to your text. It is all an elaborate mind game and you have played a huge part in becoming a pawn.

Think for a second how damaging this is to your self worth. You already feel bad enough about the breakup, but to add insult to injury, you are waiting by your phone like a lost puppy, for any kind of response from your ex. This is not healthy and you know it. Stop relying on your ex to feel good about yourself, because you will be waiting for an eternity. It is time to be proactive, have self respect and nip this negative behaviour in the bud. The last thing that you want is for your ex to think that they have you right in the palm of their hands, that they can control you, still have the power to hurt you or get you back if they so choose. When your ex feels this way they will be in no hurry to act at all. They can take their time and play you as much as they like. Your ex is not panicking or fearful that they are about to lose you for good, not when you are still contacting them often.

You also should be aware of how constant text messages and calls look to your ex. If they have made it clear that they are not interested in getting back together and want space, how do you think they will react to hearing from you every day? Truth be told, they will soon get sick of it. They will see you as desperate and clingy, unable to let go. They may even start to pity you and cut you out of their life completely, for your own good. When your ex starts ignoring you, it is time to change direction and stop what you are doing.

“Why Aren’t You Replying To Me? Did You Get My 1000 Messages?!”

In the forefront of your mind should be trying to be attractive to your ex. Do you think your pleading texts will achieve your goal? You must see that this is incredibly unattractive to your ex. They will start to dread the ringer on their phone, or seeing your name pop up on their screen. They just don’t know what to say to you anymore because you refuse to give them the space that they need.

Instead of humiliating yourself any further, dig deep for some self control and cut contact completely. This is something that your ex didn’t expect from you. It shows strength and resilience, attractive qualities that are bound to make your ex sit up and take notice of you again. Think back to when you first got together. There was a period of extreme excitement before you both admitted how you felt. Your ex couldn’t stop thinking about you, or you about them. The attraction between you both was off the charts. You can recreate this attraction if you go about it the smart way. Attraction has a lot to do with the thrill of the chase. Not knowing how the other person feels about you is thrilling. This tension and excitement is what you should be concentrating on getting back. Your ex wants to chase you, so you need to stop doing the chasing.

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Instead of sitting by the phone, waiting for scraps from your ex. Get up, get out and get busy. You need to appear like you are moving on to the outside world. This commands respect from everyone around you, not just your ex. They will be on the lookout for what you are doing once you are not contacting them all the time. They will start to wonder where you are and if you are okay. They will begin to feel feelings that they thought were long gone. When they start to miss you and pine over you, control is back in your hands as they are the ones that will have to make the next move to prevent losing you for good. Before long the tables will be turned and they will be the ones reaching out to you for reassurance. The best part about all of this is, is that you didn’t have to do anything at all, just disappear for a while. Your ex will think that getting back together was all their idea too.

It is easy to see that just examining your own behaviour will drastically improve your chances of attracting your ex back to you. Step into their shoes for a bit and you will soon see where you have been going wrong. Then all that you have to do is implement psychological techniques that pique your ex’s interest in you again and make you look attractive. Then it is just a waiting game. Kind of simple, eh?

Trying To Make Your Ex Jealous Is A Mistake

The most damaging thing that you can do after a breakup is use the jealousy tactic clumsily. You are acting on hurt and anger to get any kind of a reaction from your ex, but ultimately you will end up shooting yourself in the foot and driving an even bigger wedge between the pair of you. At the end of your relationship you are desperate to hold onto your ex, you will do, say or try anything to prevent that from happening. You turn to the jealousy game, thinking that your ex will run back to you pleading for you to take them back. Rarely is this the case though.

There is already an awful lot of hurt and confusion when you split, so adding fuel to the fire and causing your ex more pain will only serve to make them hate you more. They will not want to be anywhere near you if you are parading your new love interest in front of them. How insensitive can you get? Not only will the trust be destroyed between you, your ex will soon hate you and block you from their phone, emails, Facebook etc. They will only be relieved that they found out exactly what you were, reaffirming in their mind that the breakup was a good idea.

Remember that you are trying to make your ex attracted to you again. You want to open up the lines of communication again and get your ex to want to talk to you. That is not going to happen if you are posting pics on Facebook with your new date or insinuating that you are interested in someone else all the time. You will look like a cold-hearted, selfish and disdainful twat to your ex – the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve.

People tend to use jealousy in a really clumsy and obvious way. This always backfires and never gets you the results that you want. If your ex isn’t hurt and angry with you for trying to make them jealous, it doesn’t mean that you have won either. Another reaction that you could get from your ex is one of self pity and disdain. Your ex is not stupid. They do know you better than anyone, so why do you think that they will not realise what you are up to? You stand a very real chance of looking like a childish, immature fool who is trying to exact revenge on their ex for hurting them. That is not very attractive, is it?

The more obvious that you are about trying to make them jealous, the more obvious it will be to them that you are trying to manipulate them into giving you a reaction. They will know that you are doing it for their benefit and actually find it quite amusing. You will then look tragic and pitiful in their eyes, desperately trying to cling onto them. Instead of letting yourself be humiliated like this in front of your ex, it is better to do nothing at all. These childish tactics will only worsen your ex’s opinion of you and make a romantic reunion downright impossible.

Your Next Step – Ramping Up The Attraction Factor

attract your ex backNow that you are aware of some of the behaviours that you should be avoiding, you must ratchet the attraction up to the next level with your ex. Learning about the psychology of your ex after the split is crucial if you want to make them see you in an attractive light again. A lot of this has to start with making your ex miss you.

To speed up the reconciliation process you need a plan of action in place. There are certain things that you should be doing right now to make your ex crave you again, just like they used to. These subtle yet powerful psychological techniques garner positive results. Taking back control of the situation will give you the confidence that you need to make your ex attracted to you again. All is not lost, not by a long shot.

Brad Browning will show you what you have been doing wrong and give you the tools necessary to make your ex be the one chasing you. Watch the video to your right to learn more.


How To Reverse How Your Ex Sees You

Changing How Your Ex Sees You Post Break Up

Before you can hope to shift an ex’s negative perspective of you, you need to open your mind to a few uncomfortable realities. It’s a given that your ex is going to see you differently after the breakup ends than they did while the two of you were still together – and there’s little that you can do about it. If you’ve contributed to these negative perceptions through your actions, this negative perception is exemplified even more. Your ex had a lot of expectations once things fell apart and you may have fed into those expectations without even thinking about it. Human nature is a hard instinct to overcome, especially on the brink of an incredibly negative experience like a breakup.

Right now, in the present, your ex’s assumptions about you seem set in stone and trying to change them feels like slamming repeatedly into a brick wall. You’ve probably realized that the more of a struggle you present up front, the more you wind up back at the starting gate. You’re not getting anywhere, and nothing you do seems to make anything any better. In fact, it makes them worse.

Perception plays a pivotal role in your overall options. If you’re hoping to get back together with your ex, then they clearly need to see you in a more positive light. You can’t force a change in perception, but you can utilize techniques that can gradually start to shift things in a better direction.

If you continue to act in a negative manner, you can expect an inherently negative reaction. Your ex sees you the way that you currently are – clingy, unwilling to let go and overall needy. Your behavior has probably done nothing to show them the side of you that they knew when they first met you. If you put the negative behaviors behind you and focus on more positive ones, you can expect a more positive result. You want your ex to see you as attractive again and in order to regain an attractive perception, you need to focus on attractive behaviors.

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If you want to look at the situation honestly, the first thing that you need to do is take a good, hard look at how you’re acting and make appropriate changes where necessary. What has your behavior said about you up to this point? If your behavior has left a negative taste in your ex’s mouth, then it’s clear that you need to start rethinking your approach.

Certain behaviors are not going to help your case, even if they seem innocent enough to you. You can’t continue contacting your ex hoping that things are going to be different if you just reach out and try to communicate one more time. You also can’t expect to win any respect points if you fall into the pity-party routine and do nothing to put yourself back out there and make a positive impact.

The only way that your ex is going to be willing or able to change their perception is if you give them an undeniable reason to. The only true way to accomplish that is to do something completely out of the ordinary that they never would have expected in the first place. Your ex thinks that they have you pegged down to a T. They think that they have the benefit of holding all of the cards. Show them that they’re wrong. Do something completely off the script. Put yourself out there and make an effort – while having a smile on your face. Your ex won’t know what hit them, and they’ll have no place to turn except to re-evaluate everything that they thought they knew about breakups – and about you.

Cut Contact With Your Ex

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That’s right, pull the plug. Let all of the nasty things that you said to your ex be sucked down the plug hole and start afresh. A clean slate. You need some separation from your ex if you are to change how they view you. Remember, it is not a switch that gets flicked overnight and suddenly your ex wants you again. Sadly, things are never that easy. It took a while for things to go downhill with your ex, their feelings towards you changed over time. So there is no immediate fix here either. You can make drastic leaps in changing your ex’s mind about you, but you have to go about it in a clever way. Most importantly, you have to be subtle. The last thing that you want is for your ex to know what you are up to. That would be a disaster.

The best thing for you to do right now is to take a step back from the situation and plan what your next moves are. Often it is difficult to think straight when you are emotional. You may very well end up sending your ex emotional and angry texts when you are in this state. This will do more harm. Remember, you are trying to reverse how they see you after the breakup, not confirm that they were right about you .

The safest way to achieve this is to get as much space between you both as possible. When you stop sending your ex texts and messages, calling them or bumping into them, you will lessen the risk of you saying something that you later regret. You need to keep a level head here and not give your ex the ammunition to hate you even more. Changing how your ex sees you starts with a break, at least then they will know that you are taking some time out to consider things and change your behaviour. This can only be a positive thing. You will be surprised how far this goes in changing how your ex sees you too.

Be Interesting Again

Right now, your ex doesn’t see you in a very positive light. They will remember everything that you have said and done since the breakup. The more you try to convince your ex that you are not that person, the more crazy they will think you are. You have become dull and boring to them very fast and they are probably wondering what they ever saw in you in the first place.

All is not lost though. Just because your ex is not showing any interest in you at the moment, it does not necessarily mean that it always has to be this way. Truth is, if you were in a relationship with your ex in the first place, they must have seen something in you. People just don’t start up relationships with others for no reason at all. They have to be attracted to that person and enjoy spending time with them.

You still are the same person that your ex fell for in the first place. Remember that. You may have lost your way a little and your ex may have become too comfortable with you, but you are still fundamentally the attractive and fun person that you were when you first met.Try and think back to the time when you and your ex first started dating. The weeks and months leading up to that point were exciting for you both. The attraction between you was palpable and you thought about your ex all the time. You became obsessed with them and hung on every word that they uttered. You were so different to your ex back then, they couldn’t get enough of you. You were interesting, mysterious, funny, charming and intoxicating to them. If you can have that affect on your ex at one point in history, it is very possible that these old feelings can be roused in your ex again. You just have to know how to go about reigniting them.

Your ex is bound to have said countless things to you whilst your relationship was blossoming. Perhaps they paid you compliments all the time and admitted why they fell for you in the first place. You should still remember all those things that they said, you have been replaying them often enough in your head that you probably know the words off by heart. Write the things down that your ex used to say to you and study them. THIS IS THE PERSON YOU ARE, not the desperate, clingy, boring and unhinged person that you have become. Remember your worth and your ex will soon start to see you in a different light too, remembering all of the things that they were crazy for in the first place.

Now, to get your ex interested in you again is not an impossible feat. For them to be interested, you have to be interesting. That doesn’t mean that you suddenly develop a penchant for skydiving, martial arts or speaking 20 different language backwards. Remember that your ex knows you and your interests. If you suddenly go off your rocker, pretending that you are some super cool dude who has all of these hidden talents and interests, your ex will smell a rat. The last thing that you want is for your ex to think that you are trying to get their attention and doing all of these new things for their benefit. Sometimes, the most effective behaviour is subtle and below the radar.

You will automatically be more interesting to your ex if you disappear from their line of sight. This will pique curiosity from your ex. They will beginning to wonder where you have gone, what you are up to, why you are not online anymore. This will send their minds into overdrive. They will end up making up all kinds of outlandish scenarios in their head. What are you doing? Have you got a new love interest? Are you angry with them? Have you already moved on? Do you see how effective this is? You get to maintain your self respect this way, make your ex show an interest again and get some space from your ex to work out a plan.

Now, in the background you should be being proactive, not feeling sorry for yourself. This is the perfect time for you to be putting a plan of action in place. Learn all about the psychology of the opposite sex post break up and why they behave in a certain way. There are psychological loophole that you can take advantage of to make your ex see you completely differently to how they do now. You should also be using this time to work on yourself. Invest some time in you and build yourself up again. You have to love you first, before anyone else can. If you do not see your own value, it is going to be almost impossible for you ex to see it either.

“Stop Acting So Small. You Are The Universe In Ecstatic Motion.” – Rumi

Giving yourself time to heal is a necessary part of getting your ex back. Thinking clearly is a must. Being an emotional wreck is not going to change how your ex views you I’m afraid, it will only reaffirm that they were right about you. To get your ex to sit up and take notice of you again is actually quite simple. It involves self restraint on your part, time and patience. It also has a lot to do with self awareness. Once you see how your negative behaviour has affected your ex’s opinion of you, it is much easier to reverse this opinion.

If you are a busy, well-rounded and accomplished person, people will have no choice but to respect you and find you interesting, not just your ex. The more that you throw yourself into, the faster your ex will see a change in you. It just begins with some willpower on your part. It can start with going out with your friends again and keeping busy. Have fun. There was a time that you had fun with your mates before your ex came on the seen. Rekindle old relationships and make it your priority to enjoy yourself. This time is crucial for you to heal.

Sooner or later your ex is going to see or hear about you getting on with your life. This knocks their ego somewhat. It is natural for your ex to want you to pine after them, to miss them. They were kind of counting on it. They want to feel self worth too and important too. If you are not giving them what they expected, then they will start to reassess whether the breakup was a good idea in the first place. When they see you getting on with things it may just be enough to plunge them into panic mode. This is when they will reach out to you and make an effort again. Look out for this change in your ex.

 You Doth Protest Too Much

reverse how my ex sees me, change the way my ex sees me, how to change the way your ex sees youUsually, the more you try to convince your ex that you have changed or tell them that you are sorry, the less your ex believes you. Constantly telling your ex that things have changed, that you will not repeat your behaviour and that you are a different person now actually has the opposite affect. Your ex will view you negatively and you will come across as desperate and pathetic. You don’t want your ex to see you in this way either or start feeling sorry for you. You want their view towards you to be positive.

Your ex has probably learned to take everything that you say with a pinch of salt recently. You say one thing, and act an entirely different way. Can you blame them for not listening to you? Your words are hollow if they are not backed up by real action. If you want your ex to be serious about you and see a real difference, you have to show them that you are willing to change in practical terms. Show your ex that you have nipped the negative behaviour in the bud. This can sometimes be as simple as not saying negative things to your ex. Whatever you did to your ex to make them change their mind about you, you can fix it. You just have to be patient here and remember that apologies are all well and good, but you have to SHOW your ex how you have changed through your actions. Actions speak louder than words after all.

Get Your Ex To Respect You

When your relationship ended, a lot of the natural respect that your ex had for you as a person took a temporary hiatus as well. This is a fundamental principle of breakup psychology, and it’s something that needs to be addressed if you hope to reclaim that lost respect and their attraction.

At some point you lost your ex’s desire. They started to see you differently than they did when you first got together, and that loss of attraction contributed to their decision to end things with you – whether you wanted it to or not. It’s entirely possible that you didn’t notice this gradual change as it was happening. It often happens beneath the surface and it’s not incredibly obvious unless you’re looking for it. Don’t blame yourself – it’s easy to miss, and it doesn’t mean that what happened between the two of you is all your fault.

The good news is that you an turn this situation around. If your ex liked you once, they can and will like you again. First though, you need to have respect for yourself, that is the crux of it. If you feel worthless and low at the moment, your ex will see you in the same way. You need to get up and fight for your own sake and realise that this is just a temporary blip, that you are worth so much more than this misery. Work out what you are good at and invest some time in that. This will help enormously to build up your self confidence again and give you a purpose. If you feel hopeless and useless now, you definitely need a project or  to indulge in your passions. You will be surprised just how effective this is in regaining your self respect. The respect that your ex has for you will soon grow once they see the change in you.

By keeping a lot of the negative behaviors at bay, you can avoid a lot of the negative stigmas associated with post-breakup behavior. As you start evaluating your own actions, you need to look at one more thing in order to be able to move forward. Did the breakup shake your self-respect? Are you seeing yourself differently now as well? If so, then you need to work on your own sense of self as well. You can’t hope to regain someone else’s respect if you don’t respect yourself first. Find things that make you happy and focus on those. Bring your focus back to the positive realm rather than the negative one. Finding your own sense of happiness can be difficult in the aftermath of a breakup, but it’s an incredibly important step towards reclaiming your own sense of self – and changing the way that your ex sees you in the process.

What You Should Be Doing Next

Unfortunately, this is just the tireverse how my ex sees me, change how my ex sees me, how to change your ex's view of youp of the iceberg in making your ex see you in an attractive light again. There is so much more work that you have to do if you are serious about getting them back. There are proven psychological strategies that will compel your ex to pick up their phone and make contact with you again, no matter what has gone on in the past or what your ex has told you.

Making your ex want you is a crucial part of this process. So, how do you do that? That is where the experts step in. They have years of human psychology under their belts that will teach you how the mind works after a breakup, how to rekindle the desire that your ex once had for you and how to make your ex desperate for you. It is a specific system designed around their own research, for people in your situation. Watch this video to find out more about it and the other techniques that you should be implementing now to turn things around and make your ex see you like they used to.

Getting Your Ex To Chase You – How To

“How Do I Get My Ex To Chase Me?”

getting my ex to chase me

If only getting an ex to chase you was as easy as clicking your fingers or casting some sort of magic spell on them. Sadly it’s not and you wouldn’t want to do things that way anyway. You want your ex to chase you because they want to, because they still like you. That way you know it is genuine and real and that the relationship has a chance of working. 

Big Mistakes That Exes Make

It is important to know where most people go wrong after a breakup if you are to learn what to avoid. A lot of people in your situation will panic after their breakup and try to get their ex to chase in them in all the wrong ways.

The common strategy that people employ is to make their exes jealous. They don’t do it in a subtle way though, they bring out the big guns and plaster their fake happiness all over Facebook and parade their new interest right in front of their ex’s face. Not a smart move. How on earth will this make your ex chase you? If your ex has any feelings left for you at all, showing your ex that you are fickle, mean and uncaring will only make them resolute that the breakup was a good idea. Instead of pulling your ex towards you, you will push them further away by making them hurt, angry or confused at your callous behaviour. There are more effective ways to use subtle jealousy that will make your ex much more keen to chase you. 

Another huge mistake is when people try to get their ex’s attention. ‘Look I’m over here, take an interest in me!’ The more you try to remind your ex that you exist with loud and attention seeking behaviours, the more that your ex is going to think that you are desperate, needy and pathetic. You cannot get someone to notice you this way or want to pursue you. You have to use reverse psychology (you will learn more about this later on) to re-attract your ex and pull them towards you again. Big loud gestures are a no no and something that you should be avoiding at all costs. Subtlety is key here. Then your ex will have no clue that you are working to get them back in your life. 

Giving your ex ultimatums and threatening them are also a bad idea. Some people think that they can threaten their ex’s into taking an interest in them again. It just doesn’t work like this. When you tell your ex that you will never speak to them or see them again if they do not go back out with you, it is never going to work. The results will actually be a lot worse than you may have anticipated. You will come across looking like a complete control freak who cannot accept the end of your relationship. You will look unreasonable and your ex will be extremely wary of you. You cannot force someone to want to be with you out of fear. A relationship like this is completely one sided and will never last. 

Being manipulative and sneaky will always backfire on you too. If you start to try and play mind games with your ex, they will quickly discover what you are up to and stay clear of you. Your ex will soon tire of you if you are hot and cold with them. Being childish and trying to get a reaction out of your ex is also a bad idea. You don’t want to come across as immature and unstable after your breakup. If you want your ex to chase you then you will have to be calm, mature and focused. These are attributes that will re-attract your ex and make them want you again.

One of the most common mistakes that people make, although it is more often women than men, is to play the guilt card. Girls often try to emotionally manipulate their ex into giving it another try by saying that they can’t cope with the breakup anymore and that they don’t want to live without their ex. This can put a lot of pressure on your ex and make them feel that they have to stay in the relationship so that you don’t do anything silly. You want your ex to chase you because they want to be with you and realise that they made a mistake – you don’t want to coerce them into being with you. This is good for neither party. 

Cut Contact And Disappear

i want my ex to chase me

The quicker you sit back and take stock of the situation, thinking clearly before you do anything, the faster your ex will start to chase you. Let’s face it, you are the one that has been chasing your ex up until this point and they have not shown much interest, if any at all. You have been texting, emailing, phoning and posting stuff on Facebook, none of which have gotten any reaction from your ex. In fact, you are starting to feel like you are getting on your ex’s nerves and that they are avoiding you completely now. 

Never fear, you may have pushed your ex away from you with panic and emotional upset, desperate to keep them in your life. That doesn’t mean that you cannot rectify the situation with a carefully thought out plan that is based upon human psychology. 

If you are anxious that you have said and done things that make you look desperate and foolish, at least you have the self awareness to recognise that your behaviour hasn’t been positive. Now is the time to turn things around and pull your ex towards you again by using reverse psychology to your advantage. 

Immediately after your break up your instincts were to try to patch things up before you lost your ex for good. You went into panic mode doing and saying all the wrong things, rendering the situation even more hopeless. You have to be patient and realise that you will not get your ex back immediately. You have to play the long game here and act as if you are not really bothered about the break up at all. 

What this essentially means is that you should cut off all contact with your ex. This may seem like an impossible feat when all that you want to do is call and communicate with the person that you love. You need to assert your willpower here and stick to it if you are to see the results that you want. Each time that you start to pester your ex, the further and further they will slip away from you. 

Another great aspect of stopping what you have been doing and cutting contact with your ex is that it will prevent you from making any more silly mistakes. You will have time on your own to deal with your emotions and think things through in a non-emotional way. When you have control of yourself you will appear much more attractive to your ex. They will wonder where you have suddenly gone and why you are not ringing them anymore. Only then will they sit up and take notice again. They will now be the ones that will begin to panic that they may have lost you for good or wonder if you have moved on. 

Secretly your ex liked the fact that you were chasing them. It gave their egos a big boost as they lay back and you did all the running. In situations like this your ex can behave whatever way they like and think that there are no consequences to their actions. When they know that you will be waiting in the wings, desperate to see them, or will reply to their texts eagerly, they don’t have to make the effort and will treat you badly as a consequence.

You have basically given them the go ahead to do whatever they like because they see that you will put up with anything to have them back in their life. This means that they will make you wait and pine for them because there is no rush or fear of losing you. When you cut contact and appear disinterested it will come as a bolt from the blue. They were not expecting you to go cold turkey on them and as a result they will have to smarten up their act and work for you again. 

What Affect Will Your Disappearance Have On Your Ex?

Your ex will notice yhow do you get your ex to chase youour disappearance very quickly, especially if you have been active in trying to keep in touch with them. All of a sudden you just don’t seem interested in them anymore, you must have moved on or lost interest in them. This will not go down too well with your ex who has been enjoying the attention from you post break up.

It is nice to know that your ex still cares about you or may still have feelings. It is always better to be the one who moves on first so that you are not the one left pining for someone who has already moved on.  Your ex thought that they were in a pretty safe position and that they would move on much more quickly than you. Now that you have stopped contact with them they will have to reassess where they stand and the reality isn’t too pretty. 

You would be surprised how quickly the roles start to reverse when you start to ignore your ex and show no interest in them. You were the one that was doing all of the chasing and they were reaping all of the benefits. Now your ex is starting to panic that you have given up or found someone else. Their imagination will start to run wild and they will be conjuring up all sorts of scenarios in their heads. The only way for them to find out what has sparked this sudden change in your behaviour is to approach you directly. If your ex contacts you within a couple of weeks of stopping contact, it is a really big sign that they still have feelings for you and that you have a chance of getting them back.  

Your ex will start to check their phone more regularly wondering if there is some kind of a problem. They will start checking you out on Facebook to see if you have been active on there recently. They may even reach out to your friends and family to test the waters before they contact you personally. Now the roles have reversed and you are the one that is being chased! Of course, if your ex shows no interest in you when you cut complete contact, you will know once and for all that your chances of getting them back are very slim.

When you disappear from your ex’s life they will also start to miss you. This is not something that they foresaw happening. They thought that your relationship was dead in the water and that they had moved on, but now that you have completely dropped out of their life they begin to realise that they are not happy without you. Sometimes it takes a little shove or a wake up call for your ex to realise what you mean to them. Only then will they start to chase you and woo you again. You have to make them see that they stand to lose you for good and that you won’t always be around waiting in the wings. 

When your ex realises that they do miss you they will start making an effort again. If you received no texts from your ex since the break up, don’t be surprised when they tentatively start to engage with you again and take an interest in your life. There is an old saying that ‘you don’t know what you’ve got until it has gone.’ This is so accurate and it is the quickest way to bolt your ex out of their complacence and make them chase you.

Getting Your Ex To Chase You – Be Fun To Be Around

ways to get your ex to chase you

One of the most effective ways to get your ex to chase you is to be who you were when you first got together. This doesn’t mean that you have to change yourself to please your ex. It just means that you have to rediscover the person that you were when you first got together. You still are this person, but you may have just lost yourself along the way.

It is easy to be down and depressed after a breakup, but no one wants to be around someone who is constantly down and negative. It rubs off on those around you. Like it or not, your ex will be paying close attention to you after the breakup and how you are taking it. If you are depressed and lamenting about how terrible your life is then your ex will not find it attractive. 

If, on the other hand, you don’t seem to be taking the breakup badly and are upbeat about the future, your ex will want to know why. They will be questioning whether you were glad about the relationship ending or if you have gotten over them already. This will make them much more likely to reach out and make contact with you. 

Being a happy and interesting person is infectious. People naturally want to be around you and like your company. Your ex is no different. Immediately after a breakup you don’t remember the good times that you shared together, only the bad to try and convince yourself that the breakup was a good idea. Your job is to make your ex remember the fun times that you shared before everything went sour. If you appear to be more like the old you that your ex fell for, your ex will be drawn to you again. They will want to spend time with you and recreate the special times that you had. 

This doesn’t mean that you have to become a party animal or a clown trying to entertain everyone all the time. You have to be natural to be believable. Get back in touch with who your ex fell for and you will not only feel much better about yourself, but you will be attracting your ex all over again and encouraging them to make the effort to chase you again.

Get Your Ex To Chase You – Get On With Your Life

how to get my ex to chase me

A hugely successful way to get your ex to chase you is to get on with your life. This doesn’t mean that you just pick yourself up and get over your ex. You will have quiet moments of anguish and tears when you really miss your ex. These have to be private moments though, away from the glare of your ex. You can’t let them know how down you are and how much you want them back. 

One of the most attractive traits in a person is independence. If your ex sees that you are getting on with your life and busy, they will have much more respect for you. You want your ex’s respect and admiration as it is the first step in making them want you in a romantic way again. Without this respect your ex will soon get over you and move on. 

Get up and get out there again. It may be the last thing that you want to do right now. You want to lock yourself in your room and not face the world. The quickest way to get back to normal though it to act like everything is normal.

Go back to school or work like nothing has happened. Hold your head up high and pretend that you are strong and balanced, even if you are feeling nothing like this. Take up a new hobby that you have always been interested in or throw yourself into work to take your mind off things. The more that you act like your life is fine, the more you will start to believe it and it will become your reality.

If your ex sees that you are ok they will take more of an interest in you. They perhaps thought that your whole life would fall apart once you broke up. Don’t give them the satisfaction. The more you show someone that you don’t need them, the more they will need you. Reverse psychology is a powerful thing. Your ex will want you back if you can show them that you are in control of your own life. They will want to be part of it again and start to make moves in your direction. If you want your ex to chase you remember that you have to give them something to chase – INTERESTING, CHARMING, BUSY, FUN YOU!

Your Next Step – Make Your Ex Desire You and Want You Back

There are a few more strategies that you can start using today to make your ex chase you and want you back. These all revolve around human psychology and reverse psychology. When you implement all of the techniques you will have a much higher success rate and it will speed things up considerably. Getting your ex to chase you is an art form and one that you will have to learn in order to get your ex back. 

This is a fool proof system to enable people in your situation to pull their ex back. This system talks you through all of the mistakes that you have been making and why certain behaviours will never work. It also teaches you exactly what you need to be doing and when to get optimum results. 

Take a look at this video to find out more and learn how to make your ex want you and start chasing you again.