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Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous – Psychology To Win Him Back

How To Make An Ex Boyfriend Jealous After Your Breakup

So, you’re at rock bottom. It hurts after the breakup, especially when he seems to have moved on whilst you are still crazy about him. Your ex boyfriend doesn’t seem to care about you anymore and is ignoring you. You’re eager to reach out and contact him to get any kind of reaction. It’s the not knowing that is killing you. It is so important to hold back at this point though because how you look to your ex is a vital factor in making them jealous and getting them back.

You need to change tactics now to get him to sit up and notice you again. One of the best ways that you can achieve this is through JEALOUSY. That’s right, the green-eyed monster is an incredibly effective tool that you have in your arsenal to get a reaction from your ex boyfriend. Want to know how? First we have to understand why your ex boyfriend is behaving the way he is. 

His Behaviour Post Break Up

After a breakup your ex boyfriend is either feeling relieved or hurt. The last thing that he probably wants to do right now is contact you. He doesn’t want to lose face, it is a male ego thing. That doesn’t mean that he has moved on and has no more feelings for you. In fact, it could be quite the opposite. Maybe he wants you to make the first move. Maybe he is still angry with you and wants you to suffer and miss him. Maybe he is trying to get a reaction out of you too. It is a minefield of hot emotions after a split. People do all sorts of crazy things because feelings are fraught. 

Your ex boyfriend could be just as afraid of rejection as you are. That is why he is sitting tight, waiting for any clues from you that you are still interested in him. He may not want to appear weak in front of you either. If he is hurt about what happened, the last thing that he wants to risk is more heartbreak. So staying away from you and pretending that he doesn’t care may seem like the safest option for him right now. 

He may also just need time to process his feelings about your relationship and work out what went wrong. Having you around would only confuse the situation even more. Space after a breakup is a healthy thing, for you too. Try to respect his need for space immediately after your split. It’ll make you look a lot more reasonable and approachable when he is ready to make contact again. 

Why Jealousy Is So Effective

There is a reason why many people use jealousy as their number one weapon in getting back an ex. It works it is works well. This is because jealousy provokes a strong emotional response from your ex boyfriend. It also creates a sense of urgency as you could be slipping away from him. Adrenaline will rise and he will panic. This is when he is most likely to react and contact you, whether he is angry or apologetic. 

It is also an age-old strategy that millions of people have used to quickly ascertain whether your ex boyfriend still has any feelings for you. If there is no reaction from him, then you can be pretty sure that he really has moved on. If he gets defensive, angry, upset or starts to contact you again, asking questions, then it is more than likely that he still holds feelings for you.

It is a much more effective strategy than writing emotional love letters to him, sending him constant texts and following him around like a lost puppy. It instantly makes you desirable to him again and changes his negative views towards you. It also encourages him to fight for you and makes him feel threatened that you could be lost forever to someone else or that you are getting over the relationship faster than he is. 

If you can get an emotional response from him, all of the good memories of your relationship will come flooding back to him and he will be much more open to a reconciliation. This being said though, there are so many different ways that you can use jealousy to your advantage. Some are more drastic and obvious than others. It depends upon how you want to play it. You could go all out and parade yourself in front of him with another guy, or you could take the more subtle approach so that he is unaware that you are even trying to make him jealous – a much more effective option. 

A Word Of Caution – When Jealousy Can Backfire on You

The last thing that you want your boyfriend to do is get suspicious and work out that you are trying to make him jealous. This would be an epic fail for you and end up making you appear desperate, foolish and manipulative. These are ugly and unattractive traits. You are trying to make your ex boyfriend want you again, remember?

That is why you have to approach the situation with a plan of action. You have to think about how you are going to make him jealous and make it look like your aren’t doing anything. Subtlety is key here. 

When you plaster selfies of yourself and your new love interest all over Facebook and Instagram, it is glaringly obvious what you are trying to do. The more you push for a reaction from him, the more you will push him away. 

This is also a dangerous strategy in that it will make your ex boyfriend view you negatively. The last thing that you want is for him to start hating you. Do you want appear as if you are underhand and manipulative? You want him to trust you right? You want him to want to give it another go. So, if he thinks that you are sluttish, have moved on quickly, or don’t care about his feelings, you will have lost your chance with him for good. 

Being too obvious is a no no. It makes you seem childish, immature and dishonest. You are trying to open the channels of communication again, not close them down for good. So, what are the best ways of using jealousy then? 

Jealousy Tactic 1 – Patience

Sometimes the best way that you can make your ex boyfriend jealous is to disappear for a while. Doubt breeds jealousy. When he doesn’t know where you have gone, if you are not on Facebook, if he isn’t getting texts from you, like he expected, this can quickly lead to the kind of jealousy that will eat away at him. He will be wondering why you are not in contact and be going through all sorts of scenarios in his head about what you are up to. Naturally he will think that you have moved on with someone else, or that you have already gotten over him.

This is a brilliant way to use jealousy in a subtle way. In fact, you are doing very little apart from engaging in self control. When you take yourself out of the picture he will begin to get paranoid. The best thing about this is that he will have no clue what you are doing, or that it was even your intention. You will start to become attractive and mysterious to him again and maintain your dignity. This tactic also forces his hand. He will be forced to make the first move and reach out and contact you.

Staying off social media is a must. That means no updates on Facebook, no cryptic tweets intended for him, no selfies for him to see what he is missing. It should be as if you have disappeared. If you want it to be effective you have to be patient. The longer you are way from all forms of contact, the faster he will notice that you have gone and the wheels will start to turn in his head. 

Patiently wait for him to miss you. Don’t go rushing in like a bull in a china shop. It can take time to stir up jealousy in your ex boyfriend and jealousy is something that he probably didn’t even expect to feel after the breakup. 

Jealousy Tactic 2 – Act Like You Have Moved On

Nothing will make your ex boyfriend jealous like showing him that you have moved on. He probably hopes that he will be the one to move on first. He didn’t count on the fact that you would be getting on with your life and happy again, just as if the breakup never happened. 

You should start posting on Facebook again about going out with friends and having fun. You don’t have to appear ecstatic or fill your diary with social engagements every day, but you do have to try and get on with your life and make him see that you are. If you appear positive and willing to get out there again, it is an attractive trait, much better than wallowing in self pity and hiding away in your bedroom clutching at the tissue box. 

Seeing that you are much better than he expected will make him feel jealousy. He will be jealous that he is not handling things as well as you are. He will start to ask himself why and begin to panic about what this actually means. If he thinks that you have slipped away and are over him, he is much more likely to bite the bullet and contact you.

There is a danger that you could go too far here though. You can act like you are so over him that he ends up thinking that he stands no chance with you. Be subtle about it. The more obvious that you are about it, the bitchier and colder you will look to him. The last thing that you want is for him to change his mind about you and feel negatively towards you. Still be nice about it and you will keep the lines of communication open.

Jealousy Tactic 3 – Start To Date Again

Just to be clear, dating guys again does not mean that you plaster pics of you throwing yourself at men all over your social media! It is better to go about things quietly. You would be surprised how fast news like this travels anyway. You don’t have to be the one who tells your ex boyfriend that you are dating again. In fact, it is much better if he hears it from someone else. His friends will be looking out for him and the news will get back to him fast. He will also be keeping a close eye on you and what you are doing post breakup, he can deduce that you are seeing someone else, even when you don’t explicitly say it. 

Once your ex boyfriend sees that you are with someone else, it will do major things to his jealousy levels. It will send him into a panic and make him act rashly. Don’t be surprised if you see him angry, or hear from him again all of a sudden. 

Please don’t rub salt in the wound though. If you parade your new love interests in his face it will look terribly bad on you. It will also turn your ex boyfriend off you for good as he will see you as untrustworthy and sly. You still have to have integrity here and think of his feelings. The feelings of the guy you are dating are important too. Be clear with him that you don’t want anything serious. Even better, find some new guy friends and spend time with them. That way you are not leading anyone on and your ex boyfriend can assume what he likes.

Your Next Step – Get Inside His Head

There are other tactics that you can start using now to make your ex boyfriend jealous and reconsider the breakup. Not only that, you can use so many more techniques that will play on male psychology to make him desire you again. Even if he is denying that he still likes you now. It is up to you to bring these latent feelings to the surface and coax them out. You need to understand what you are doing though or you could end up looking like a crazy stalker.

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Watch the video below to learn the secret psychological techniques that will make him want you again. You just need to delve into the male mind and learn about why he is acting the way he is with you. This video will help you start.

Why Won’t My Ex Talk To Me? – The Truth

Why Wont My Ex Talk To Me?

Why Won’t My Ex Talk To Me? Find Out The Truth

All you want to do is to get inside his head and figure out why your ex won’t talk to you after the breakup. They probably gave you some lame reasons that you know are just excuses. People will offer up bags of platitudes to make the break up as painless as possible. The trouble is, you are left wondering what really went wrong to make them change their mind about you. 

Your ex isn’t talking about you for a reason or several reasons. The problem is that you can’t just ask them because they won’t give you an answer. That is why you have to do your own detective work and get to the bottom of things.

When your relationship officially ended, a lot of things were left up in the air. Since all breakups are different, it’s hard to determine which way the wind will blow for any given couple and a lot of factors can have an impact on the way that things go down. You probably assumed (correctly) that immediately following the breakup, things would be a little weird. You also probably expected that phase to pass by, and you could get back to communicating with your ex again – at least in some form or another.

If your ex is avoiding you and you don’t know why, it’s often easy to inject your own reasons for their absence. These reasons are usually based on fear or guilt and they usually assume the worst. You almost automatically think that your ex despises you, but you don’t know it to be true. You’re afraid that it is, but until you can understand some key breakups basics, you can’t fully wrap your mind around what’s really happening beneath the surface.

If your ex seems completely uninterested in communicating with you, there are probably reasons behind their actions. Instead of focusing all your attention on how you feel because they’re avoiding you, try to turn your attention on the possible reasons behind this abrupt change of heart. You know how the end of the relationship made you feel. Try focusing on how your ex is feeling for a change. That will open the floodgates of understanding and allow you to see the realities behind their actions.

Your Ex Could Just Be Down and Upset About The Breakup

It seems obvious to say that your ex may be hurt after your breakup. It’s so obvious in fact that it’s often overlooked – especially if your ex did everything within their power to convince you that they were okay with the breakup taking place and that things were going to be fine for them afterwards. They insisted that they were okay with it – but were they really? Is that just what they told you because they were afraid of what would happen if they were honest about their feelings?

If your ex hid how they truly felt from you while you were in the process of breaking up, they may blame you for not seeing through their charade – and they may hold you responsible for the fact that they are hurt now. That causes people to withdraw and focus on their own emotional issues and it prevents them from reaching out to others – especially if those others were the ones that caused that pain initially.

Is Your Ex Angry With You?

my ex wont talk to meIf your ex won’t communicate with you in a positive or productive manner, they may have revenge on the brain. Anger over seemingly uncontrollable situations is all-too-common, and it’s difficult to deal with in a positive manner. If the breakup took your ex by surprise, then they may be angry at how things played out, and anger is a difficult emotion to harness positively. If your ex is feeling a sense of frustration or anger at you or the breakup itself, it’s possible that they’ve become lost in a pit of negativity. Once there, it’s incredibly hard to overcome.

Your ex may want you to feel the hurt and rejection that the breakup made them feel. Just like it’s easy for you to become wrapped up in your own feelings, it’s equally easy for them as well. They don’t think that you know how they feel, even though you do. If you were unfaithful to your ex, the anger can be astronomical. If your ex seems wrapped up in anger, the best thing for you to do is to give them time. Don’t allow yourself to be wrapped up in the negativity. Only time can heal these wounds and allow both of you to come to a more productive place when communication strategies can become effective again.

Your Ex Just Doesn’t Care Anymore

In the end, you may have to face the possibility that your ex has lost interest in you completely and they want nothing more than to move on and leave your former relationship behind them. If this is the case, then what you do to try to reverse the process will often determine the outcome. If you act correctly by putting certain techniques into practice correctly, you can come out on top and regain not only their interest but their affection and respect as well.

Learning these techniques and the various methods that they teach plays an incredibly important role in how your situation turns out in the end. You need to recognize the various signs that indicate that your ex has, in fact, lost interest in you or your relationship. Recognition is the key to any reconciliation’s success – or its failure. In the end, it comes down to you. The choices you make and the path that you follow will determine where the situation leads. You can use these techniques correctly and find yourself back in your ex’s arms – or you can resort to negative behaviors and say goodbye to your relationship for good.

They Want To Punish You

Often, after a break up we want to punish the person that hurt us. Even if your ex broke up with you, they still may want to punish you because lots of things have been said in the heat of the moment. Maybe you said something that cut them really deeply. Just because you were dumped it doesn’t mean that your ex doesn’t care about what you think anymore. You still have an affect on them.

By refusing to speak to you, your ex is trying to hurt you like you hurt them. The more that you try to get a reaction or a response from them, the more they will dig their heals in and refuse to answer you. What you are actually doing is giving them exactly what they want. By continuing to communicate with your ex they know that you still care about them to some extent. If you have been emotional about their lack of response, they know that what they are doing has been working. Do you want to give your ex the satisfaction of knowing that they have won? 

You need to try a little reverse psychology here. Give your ex what they least expect.  

They Are Trying To Get A Reaction From You

my ex won't talk to me anymoreYour ex may be curious about how you feel about them after a break up. The best way for them to find out is to do something that will get an instant reaction from you. By not talking to you, or ignoring you completely, they think that you will react strongly. They will be watching closely for your reaction and what you say or do when they ignore you. If you are angry or upset about being shoved to one side, your ex will know that you still have feelings for them. If you don’t seem that bothered about your ex disappearing from your life, then they know once and for all that you are no longer interested in them or that they can’t affect you. 

The best thing that you can do here is to play your ex at their own game. They didn’t expect that you would ignore them back or seem disinterested in their non communication. When you don’t give them what they want – a reaction, they will become afraid that they could lose you for good and that you are moving on and getting over them. This will spur them into action. No longer will they ignore you, the opposite will happen in fact – your ex will be the one that makes all of the effort to stay in touch with you. Reverse psychology is a very powerful thing.

They Think That It Is The Quickest Way To Move On

Maybe your ex is finding it very difficult to cope with the breakup. They still have feelings for you and think that you don’t feel the same or that you are over them. The last thing that they want to do is prolong the agony by maintaining contact with the person that they love – it is just too painful. They want to get over you the quickest way possible and they think that their only option is to cut you out of their life completely. Hearing from you is killing them, they don’t want to know what is going on in your life because they can’t be part of it anymore. By cutting communication with you they are sparing themselves the agony of having to think about you every second of the day. The breakup is hard for them too, perhaps they are just trying to cope with the fallout the best way that they know how – protecting themselves against further hurt.

The trouble here is that they could actually move on by cutting ties with you. If your ex is determined enough to get over you, they will. No amount of texting them or pleading on them to reply to you will EVER work. You need a foolproof way to reinsert yourself back into your ex’s life before it is too late. Otherwise your ex will be gone for good. You can’t be obvious about it or allow your ex to know what you are trying to do, regaining their interest in you is a subtle art form.

Your Next Step – Get Your Ex To Want You Again

Your ex is refusing to answer your calls and acting like you don’t exist. You need to turn this around quickly before they move on completely. Luckily there are things that you can do and these reinsertion techniques have proven incredibly effective for people in your situation. The best thing about them are that your ex will not know what you are doing and will be slowly drawn to you all over again. You just have to know what you are doing and follow a proven plan.

This is where social psychologist, Brad Browning comes in. He is formulated a fail safe plan of action that will get your ex to want to talk to you, get them to make an effort with you again and create those old feelings or mystery, butterflies and attraction that they used to feel for you. Once you understand the psychology of the opposite sex,  making your ex want you again is actually really easy. 

In this system you will also learn why your ex is acting the way that they are after the breakup, how to break down their barriers and make them do all the running. You will also learn powerful attraction techniques that will recreate the romance and excitement that you both had when you first met. The system goes into great depth about how to make your ex miss you, how to make them regret the breakup and how to get them to commit to you. To find out more watch the free video and learn from the man himself. Good luck!