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Get My Boyfriend Back

If you are asking yourself right now “does my ex want me back?” then you are probably a little confused about the signals that he is giving off. You will have to delve a little deeper first to be able to read the signs that he still likes you first. This will give you the confidence to proceed when you want to win him back.

The reason behind your breakup could be that he no longer loves you or that his feelings have substantially changed. This does not have to mean the end however, those feelings are still buried down there, you just have to learn how to bring them to the surface.

You are not the only girl that is going through this though and you should take comfort in the fact that you are in the right place. It is possible to get your ex boyfriend to want you back again and see you in a completely different light. Do not despair, there is hope in the most pathetic of circumstances and we are here to show you the methods to get him back.

Learning How To Deal With Your Emotions After The Split

First thing is first. Let’s deal with your emotional state to begin with as this is the most important thing that you can do to stop you from making any mistakes with your ex. There is no doubt that your emotions will be running high after a break up and that you will be feeling very angry and upset. The important thing to remember here is that you must get a control of your emotions or else you will end up embarrassing yourself.

The worst thing that you could do is to approach your ex boyfriend in a state of frenzy and shout at him for hurting you. When you yell and scream it will only put him off you for good and make him run a mile. Men cannot handle emotion and so they tend to shy away from it.

Do not let him see that you are down or upset as this will be highly unattractive to him. You do not want him to pity you in any way, but instead be surprised about how well you seem to be handling the break up. If he respects you this is the best sign that you can have at this stage. It is a great foundation for building upon and it will eventually make him see you in a different light, making him question his decision to break up with you.

The Importance Of Distancing Yourself From Him

You may not be able to control yourself in front of him at this early point so it is advisable that you stay away from him altogether. A cooling off period is a great idea for you for two reasons. First of all it will help you clear your head and get your emotions under control so that you can plan your next steps in winning back his affections. Secondly it will give him time to think and miss you, hopefully he will be wondering where you have gone and be expecting you to lash out at him or show some signs of despair. You do not want to give him this satisfaction. If he thinks that you are taking the break up well he will be surprised and intrigued by you. This is what you want, to mix things up a bit and act in a way that he does not expect.

A cold hard truth that you need to face up to is that you are never going to get your ex boyfriend back if you are always in his business. That means, you cannot be there in the background vying for his attention 24/7. You may think that you are being subtle, that you are being casual about bumping into him at his work or the normal places that he likes to hag out. Trust me, you are not. Do you think that he won’t notice your presence either? Make no mistake, what you do and say after a breakup is noticeable to your ex  boyfriend. He will be extra sensitive to your behaviour, so please don’t think for one second that he wont be watching out for your behaviour, dissecting the things you say and do.

Distancing yourself from your ex boyfriend also begins with digital contact, it does not just apply to physical contact. That means that you should be unplugging from social media for a while. If you cannot fight the urge to message him on Facebook or constantly update your wall, then your best bet is to deactivate it completely.

This cuts the risk of you saying or doing something stupid, that not only he will see, but all of your friends and family too. It also saves you the torture of checking his profile every five minutes to check how he is, if he is flirting with another female etc. You don’t need this added trauma on top of everything else. It will only send you hurtling down a very dangerous and destructive path. Now is the time to put all of your energy into you, you deserve it.

Being away from your ex boyfriend is hard. You are fighting every impulse that you have to reach out to him. It is going to be tough for a while, but it does get better. You are not going to get him back overnight, it can be a long process, but something that is very achievable with the right tools at your disposal. If you are unsure of what you are doing, then it is best to do nothing at all. Just wait and be silent until you can figure out the best course of action.

It is very easy to humiliate yourself after your breakup. Your emotions are at an all time high. It is common to say things to your ex boyfriend that you quickly regret.

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Change Your Feelings Towards Yourself First

Now, listen carefully, just because he broke up with you does not mean that you are a worthless and ugly person. It is crucial that you understand this if you are ever going to get him to want you back. You have so much to offer a guy and you know this deep down, so do not let these temporary feelings of self loathing take over.

Cast your mind back to why he fell for you in the first place. This will hopefully make you realise that you are special and unique and that any guy would be lucky to have you on their arm. You have not lost the spark you have, it is just hidden at the moment. If you want him to see you differently then you have to start seeing yourself differently first. If you do not believe that you are worthwhile then he will not either. It is all about confidence and having it in abundance. Confidence is very sexy for men, so show him what he is missing out on!

Spending some quality time on yourself is very important post breakup. That means that you should indulge in your passions. You may even end up enjoying the single life. It is not selfish to spoil yourself, sometimes it is necessary to heal and take care of yourself if you want to get better. Investing some time in yourself is a good idea. You have to feel better about yourself before your ex will see you in a positive light again.

Figure Out Why He Broke Up With You

It is crucial at this stage to figure out why he may have wanted to end the relationship. Men are rarely honest when it comes to break ups as they do not want a big drama. They pick their words carefully and say something like ‘it’s not you , it’s me’. As you know this is rarely the case and he is just trying to spare your feelings and make a quick exit.

It is therefore up to you to study your relationship, especially in the past few weeks and work out what went wrong. I can say that this is a very enlightening time for you as you will discover things that you paid no real attention to before. We become numb to the needs of the other person when we are comfortable with them and stop making an effort. This is entirely normal so don’t punch yourself up about it. The important thing is to put it right now. Ask yourself if you stopped caring about how you looked, if you treated him badly, if you were not as interesting anymore, if you did not share common interests etc. This will help you to out things right again.

Become Attractive To Him Again

get your ex boyfriend back, getting your ex boyfrien dback, how to get your ex boyfriend back, can i get my ex boyfriend bac, how do you get back your ex boyfriend, get back an ex boyfriendYou have probably changed as as person from when you first met and this is not your fault, we become complacent with life and do not realise that we have to work at relationships to make them flourish. You still have all of the things that first attracted your ex boyfriend to you, do not forget this. All you have to do is find them again and work at them. Your sense of humour may be one of these things, learn to be witty and sarcastic again, men love a great sense of humour in a girl.

I hope that you realise that there are many reasons why he was first attracted to you, attraction is not merely a physical thing. Think about what you were like when you first met and get that old you back! If you do this you will shock him and make him remember all of the good times.


Go Out And Have Fun

A great girly tip for times like these is to take yourself out of your room and reconnect with people again. Your friends can make you feel good about yourself and look after you. All you need is a new perspective on things and this will make you interested in life again. Why not go shopping and spoil yourself? Get a make over or go to a spa and get treatments done. You deserve to indulge yourself after the rotten time you have had. These little treats will make you feel better and help give you a new identity. Your ex boyfriend will notice these changes in you and start to think of you in different terms. A new top or a new pair of shoes are better than any kind of therapy there is, so get out there and shop till you drop girl!

What To Do When He Gets In Touch With You

If he does get in touch with you again there are a few things that you have to remember to make it work to your advantage. It takes time to get over the grief of a breakup, put the negative feelings aside, and start over. And it’s easy to become overly optimistic about this meeting if your ex has reached out to you. Regardless of this fact you should arrive and leave without expectations. Appearing too hopeful and excited will worry him and put him off. If he’s taken the first step towards re-establishing communication and it didn’t go as well as you hoped, then leave it at that. If you’ve followed the above advice you’ll get a chance to meet again, and each successive encounter will bring you a little closer to your goal of getting back together. But until that happens, remember that these things take time and you cannot rush them.

This article tackles a few of the tactics on how to get your ex boyfriend to think about you and desire you all over again. There are various more things you ought to understand before you try to attract your ex boyfriend back.

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