Make Your Ex Miss You Using Human Psychology

make your ex miss you, make ex miss you, make my ex miss me, how to make my ex miss me, make an ex miss you, making an ex miss you, making your ex miss youA breakup can easily feel like the end of the world. If you want to ultimately reconnect with your ex, you’re desperate to do something, anything, to get the ball rolling. The breakup was completely out of your hands and you most likely didn’t have any say in it whatsoever. The sense of powerlessness is overpowering – you want to exert your own control over anything you can to make the hurt stop as soon as possible.

Not all actions will prove to be profitable or productive. In fact, some can be downright dangerous. You’ll want to move forward cautiously and not rely solely on your impulses or instincts to get the job done. If you want to get back together with your ex, an essential chance has to happen – and it has to happen on your ex’s end. Before they can want you back, they first have to miss you.

Don’t Fall Victim To Common Mistakes Exes Make

Breakups come with their own comedy of errors and it’s easy to see things clearly in hindsight, but not in the heat of the moment itself. A lot of people in your position fail to think prior to acting, so they fall victim to a lot of the all-too-common but still fatal mistakes.

When they realize that no amount of arguing is going to change their ex’s mind (at least while the breakup is still happening), their sense of panic goes into overdrive. They abruptly shift gears and move into begging, bargaining and pleading for another chance. Then they start playing to their more sensitive side and start sending love notes, candy, flowers or other gifts. The more they try, however, the more resolved their ex becomes in their position. Ultimately, they wind up aimlessly wandering around their ex’s office or apartment complex, hoping against all hope that seeing their ex in person will finally tip the scales in their direction. All of their efforts fail miserably, and their laundry list of options has suddenly dwindled away to nothing.

Shift Focus To How Your Ex Feels

Out of all of the thoughts, considerations and plans roaming around in your mind, it’s highly likely that one thought is missing entirely. You’ve focused intently on yourself, and who could blame you? Your tunnel-vision, however, is blocking out your ability to come to an important realization – your ex has desires and needs as well, and chances are that you haven’t considered those needs when you’ve made your plans – and then continued to put those plans into motion. Until you can take those needs into account, you’re not going to be able to make any progress, and your ex’s growing frustration is going to reach a critical peak.

It is all too easy to see only how the break up is affecting yourself, how much you have been hurt and the despair that you are feeling. This is normal, but a big mistake if you want to get your ex back. What you are doing by ignoring how your ex feels is ultimately pushing them away farther and farther from you. Start thinking from their perspective for a moment and only then will you be able to get to the root cause of why you broke up in the first place. You will also see where you are going wrong, what mistakes you have been making thus far and what your ex really wants and is looking for from you. 

When you start to answer all of these questions then you can go about fixing the problems that led to your break up. Of course you shouldn’t only be worrying about what your ex wants, you have to be happy too. However, in these early stages of trying to reconcile a relationship and get back together, someone has to make the first move and back down. You can deal with your own issues and frustrations in private, but you have to start looking at how your ex views you post break up.

This will ultimately stop you from making silly and humiliating mistakes in front of them. It will also ensure that they see you in a positive light and begin respecting you again. Remember that your main goal here is to make your ex miss you, therefore you should be trying to become that kind of person that they will miss, not some selfish, high maintenance, dramatic, desperate or needy person. That is why you need to reevaluate your behaviour now before your ex decides that the break up was a good idea and moves on.

Getting inside the head of your ex will give you the upper hand. The behaviour of the opposite sex can be a mine field at the best of times, but after a breakup, we can act in completely irrational and strange ways that can be difficult to make sense of. If you can predict your ex’s behaviour before it happens, understand why they are doing or saying certain things, you can react in a different way that makes the outcome much better for you. Take the emotions out of it for a minute and learn to view things clinically, like an outward observer. Your ex’s behaviour will suddenly become a lot more clear to you and you will be able to read between the lines.

Make Your Ex Miss You By Understanding Their Need For Space

make your ex miss you, make ex miss you, make my ex miss me, how to make my ex miss me, make an ex miss you, making an ex miss you, making your ex miss youIt’s highly likely that as soon as your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend officially called the relationship off, they immediately began pushing you away – often forcibly. The reason for this instantaneous distance is because there are more than just your emotions on the line. They have to deal with their own emotions as well. Just because they chose to split up with you doesn’t mean that they’re automatically happy – go- lucky and ready to move on without a second-thought. Because of all those emotions are refusing to stay buried (like your ex may want them to) they don’t want to have to deal with your emotions on top of their own. They need to have the chance to focus on themselves for a while, and the absolute best thing you can do for them (and for yourself) is to back off and give them the chance to process things – not overwhelm them with pointless attempts to stay an active part of their lives.

You can only miss someone when they are not there and not in contact with you all the time. This is the exact same process that you have to readjust to now. No one says that it is going to be easy or enjoyable, but it is a must if you ultimately want to get your ex back. They have to feel the loss of you in their lives and see what life is like without you. This takes time – maybe weeks. You can’t just give your ex a couple of days to think about you and come crawling back, it rarely ever happens like this. People are especially stubborn after break ups and they will be defensive and protective of their feelings. They are not going to give in overnight and this will require a lot of willpower and patience on your part. 

If you are missing your ex, the chances are that they are missing you too – it goes both ways. This is what you have to remember here. If you feel like texting or phoning your ex you will have to stop yourself or you could end up looking weak. Your ex will know that they can have you back whenever they want if you are constantly in contact with them – it will be obvious that you have not moved on and that you are still harboring feelings for them. This is NOT what you want to happen here. You need to make your ex think that they have lost you for good, that you won’t be easy to get back and this creates desire, desperation and mystery in your ex. When they start feeling this sense of panic about losing you then they will act and make moves to try and get you back. This is the secret. 

In a way it is just like the start of your relationship all over again. The sense of not knowing how the other person feels, the excitement of seeing them, wondering what they are up to, what they think about you. You have to recreate this scenario again and encourage mystery, desire and intrigue. When you get this part right, your ex will miss you like crazy, wonder why they ever let you go and they will be proactive about trying to get you back in their lives.

Stay Off Social Media

make your ex miss you, make ex miss you, make my ex miss me, how to make my ex miss me, make an ex miss you, making an ex miss you, making your ex miss youIt is so easy to live on social media when you break up with someone. You crave any kind of contact with your ex, even indirect. Maybe they will give you some clues as to how they are coping after the breakup. It is not as if you can as them outright if they miss you. The things that your ex posts on Facebook can be a window into their heart and give you an idea if they regret the breakup as much as you do. 

No matter how tempting it is, please stay of Facebook and Twitter, Instagram too. The last thing that you should be doing right now is to post endless selfies on your wall to tease your ex or gain their attention. It can actually have the opposite impact on them that you intended. Look at it from their point of view. They login to their account and you pop up constantly with new pics of yourself posing. It can quickly make your ex view you as desperate or pathetic. They will know that it is for their benefit too. Your ex will be paying close attention to your actions post breakup, so don’t give them any reason to think that you are unhinged or behaving strangely. 

Do you really think that your ex will start to miss you if they are seeing you constantly on Facebook? You are not challenging them to miss you if you are always there, right in their faces, ALL THE TIME. As harsh as this may sound, you have to cool it on the posts front. Get as far away from your social media as possible. Deactivate for a while. Keep yourself as busy as possible so that you lessen the temptation to get online and stalk your ex. 

Your sudden disappearance will be incredibly effective and have a bigger impact on your ex than you might think. They will be expecting you to be looking at their profile online and writing updates to give them hints. Don’t give them the satisfaction. When you behave differently to how your ex expects, it will automatically make them sit up and take notice of you again. Suddenly your ex will be thinking where you have gone, if you are ok, why the silence? Perhaps they will start to get paranoid and wonder if you are seeing someone new. This is exactly what you want to happen. Give their imaginations the chance to run riot for a while. This is much more effective and will actually dramatically increase the chances of your ex getting in touch with you. Do you see how much better this tactic is? You have to give them the chance to miss you.

Be Someone That Your Ex Will Miss

No one would blame you for being miserable after being dumped. It is normal to hurt and feel sorry for yourself. You need to stop languishing in self pity though after a while. It cannot continue indefinitely, and the more you fall into a depression, the more unattractive you will be to your ex. I know this sounds harsh. You cannot just pick yourself up and get on with your life as if nothing has happened. BUT, you need to be serious and proactive if your end goal is to get your ex back again. This is where the work comes in. 

You have to think about what will be attractive to your ex, how they will see you. Your ex will not want to get back together with you if you are sitting alone depressed at home, not taking pride in your appearance or going out. No one wants to be spending time with a misery guts, least of all your ex. It is time to make a change and make your ex realise that they shouldn’t have let you go. They quickest way to do this is to get back the fun, interesting you. 

Go out with your friend again. Join a group, start a new hobby, spend time on you to make you happy. You deserve it after what you have been through. Simple as it may seem, you could get a new haircut to feel better about yourself. Go out and treat yourself to some new clothes. INDULGE! Be selfish. Do what you want to do. For now, you are single, you might as well enjoy the perks of some free time by doing what makes you happy. It will make an impact on your ex too and slowly start to make them change their mind about you. Instead of seeing you in a negative light, they will be curious about you and start seeing you as attractive again. 

Don’t Be A Statistic – Walk Away

What if you could successfully get back together with your ex – without making a fool out of yourself? You can. It’s simply a matter of recognizing your ex’s expectations, and refusing to play into the game. Your ex is wary of any behavior that could indicate that you’ve become the dreaded “crazy” ex. The ex that no one wants to have to deal with after a breakup. The ex that shows up at their job, at their house or questions their friends and family members. Your ex doesn’t want to meet that ex any more than you want to be that ex. The good news is that you don’t have to be. 

Instead of trying to insert yourself into your ex’s life by whatever means possible, take the high road and walk away. You don’t need to walk away for good, but you do need to take a break. Not only can you wrap your mind around the situation and the emotions, but you can give your ex the chance to do the same. Only then can both of you reconnect with a nearly clean slate and start to pick up the pieces. Both of you ultimately need to make the effort if you’re going to make your relationship work. If you’re the only person putting in the effort, you’re going to wear yourself out – and end up alone in the end anyway.

It is a common worry that if you temporarily walk away, your ex will end up forgetting you. This is not true. This is only a temporary measure to get a powerful reaction from your ex. Your ex doesn’t have the attention span of a goldfish either. If you were in any kind of serious relationship they are not going to forget you in a few weeks and move on. Human emotions just don’t work like that. If you are still thinking about your ex weeks after your breakup, chances are they are doing the same. It is only a natural human reaction.

People tend to crave things and people that are not easily accessible to them. Psychology proves that a person is valued more if they are rare, unobtainable or just out of reach. During your relationship, you probably got comfortable with each other and you lessened in value to your ex. This is only because your ex knew that you were theirs and they didn’t have to fight for you anymore or make much of an effort to keep you.

Your self worth is essential to getting your ex to miss you and want you back. You have to value yourself before your ex does again. That means, taking yourself away from them, making them see the cold hard reality of what it means not to have you in their life anymore. Your ex needs to have a sense of panic if they are to take action to fight for you. Becoming hard to find or difficult to get in touch with, is one of the fastest, most powerful ways of kicking your ex into action. All you need to do is stick to your guns and have the restraint necessary to stay away from your ex.

Your Next Steps – Getting Your Ex Back and Making Them Crave You

You have now learned some of the ways that you can make your ex miss you, but there are many more that you need to implement right away to speed up the reconciliation process. There are so many psychological tricks that you can start using today that will change how your ex treats you, interacts with you and feels about you. The system below will give you all of the ammunition that you need to make this happen. They are designed specifically for each sex so that you get to learn the psychology of the opposite sex, how they do things, how they act in love, why they behave the way that they do after a break up and what will make them fall in love. Watch the video below to learn more about the system and what you should be doing now to get your ex back and make your ex want you.

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You will find out how to make your ex miss you like mad by doing things that you wouldn’t expect would work.

This system will show you how to decipher what your ex says and does to work out if they still have feelings for you or if you stand a chance with them. He also talks you through effective and powerful psychological techniques that will make your ex desire you again and want to give the relationship another try. This system delivers powerful techniques that you can start implementing on your ex today to get a positive reaction from them. You can also start to see a change in the way they view you and their contact will increase once you begin putting these strategies into practice. 

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